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Fit & Lean Lesson 10:

Mistake #5: Letting perfectionism hold you back

Coming from a recovering perfectionist I know this challenge all too well.

The problem with perfectionism

The problem with trying to get everything perfect is that it makes it difficult to move forward. Ideas and plans end up staying on hold.

For example, if I waited until the Fit & Lean programme was perfect before I launched it would still be a half completed project sitting on my desk.

Instead it’s out there, helping people change their health, mindset, fitness and lives.

Sure, I’ll improve it over time. But at some point I had to get V1 out there. Then adjust and improve it over time.

That’s what we need to do with your diet and exercise programme too.

Just get the ball rolling. Then fine tune and adjust as we go.

Remember this: Be ‘pretty good’ consistently

The truth is, you don’t need to be perfect to get the results you’re looking for. We only need progress on where you are right now.

  • There will be days where you only get 3 out of 4 meals that are in line with your goals.
  • There will be weeks where you only get 4 of your 5 planned workouts in
  • There will be workouts where you only manage 10 reps of an exercise when you were aiming for 12.
  • There will be times where you’ll feel frustrated that you haven’t achieved the body you want already.

My recommendation for dealing with this? Forget perfection. Look for areas where you HAVE progressed.

Maybe you’re training consistently now for the first time in… ever!

Maybe you used to struggle to use the 4kg weights, and now you’re doing the same with the 8kg.

Maybe you’re eating better 80% of the time, where previously you only ate well 20% of the time.

Maybe your posture’s better, you’re feeling fitter and while you haven’t lost a significant amount of weight you’ve noticed you’re looking a little firmer round the edges.

Fitness Truth #5: Progress, Not Perfection

What we’ve learned

Perfectionism in all it’s forms can hold you back from achieving the body you want. It can keep you from taking action (like waiting for the perfect time), and it can make you overlook how far you’ve already come.

Today’s assignment:

Take a moment today to reflect on 3 things you’ve noticed – 3 specific areas you’ve progressed – since starting the Fit & Lean transformation Challenge. Send me an email to let me know where you’ve made progress to