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Fit & Lean Lesson 15: Plan tomorrow’s meals today

Last time we looked at baselining your diet by recording everything you ate and drank.

Today we’re going to move on to creating a plan for your meals.

Your challenge for the rest of the week: Plan tomorrow’s meals today

Have you ever started the day too busy for breakfast, grabbed something on the run for lunch then been so hungry by the evening that you’ve snacked on anything and everything while you tried to organize dinner?

This is the norm. And unfortunately, overtime, this kind of routine moves you further from your ideal body.

But habit 1 is going to change all that.

Getting organized

By planning what you’re going to have in advance you give yourself the chance to get organized. You can stock up on everything you need, and take thinking out of the equation (never good trying to make good food choices when you’re rushed and hungry).

You can make sure your food intake is totally in line with your goals, so all you need to do to see progress is follow the plan.

Can’t you just give me a plan to follow?

Sure, it would save you a little time if I gave you a meal plan to follow. But over the years we’ve found that others in the same situation as you have stuck to a plan better when they’ve created it themselves.

You see, you are the expert on your lifestyle and daily routines. You know which foods you like and which you don’t.

So your plan will be realistic for you. Whereas anything we create probably won’t.

We’ll provide the guidelines for your plan – the things you can do/not do to see the best results. And you can then tailor it to account for your preferences and lifestyle.

 Today’s assignment:

Your goal for today is to create a 3 day meal plan.

In your plan try to include:

  • 3-5 meals each day
  • A minimum of 2 servings of protein each day (meat, fish, eggs, yoghurt, cottage cheese, protein shake, quorn etc – we’ll cover more on this later)
  • A minimum of 2 servings of veg each day (more on this later too)

Once you’ve completed your plan send it over to me:

Don’t worry about getting your plan perfect right now. We’ll help you improve it overtime. But we can only help if you show willing by creating version 1 🙂

What’s next?

Once you’ve created your 3 day meal plan we’re going to cover how to adjust it move you closer to your body transformation goals.