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Fit & Lean Lesson 4: What do you want to achieve?

When you’re planning a road trip it’s much quicker to reach a destination (and plan a route)  if you know exactly where you want to go.

Yet when it comes to our bodies we get stuck at the “I just don’t want to be like this” mindset.

The problem is we haven’t informed our mind exactly what we do want to be like. So that’s what the next step in our journey involves.

Your 12 month goal

Humour me for a moment. Imagine we’ve travelled forward in a time machine to exactly 12 months in the future. You’ve achieved all that you wanted to and your body is exactly how you want it to be.

What’s different?

How do you know you’ve achieved the body you wanted?

What do you feel like?

What size clothes are you wearing and how do they fit?

What can you do now that you’ve avoided or simply couldn’t do in the past?

The more specific the better

The more detail you can fill in the better we can track and measure your progress. And perhaps more importantly, we can develop the exact habits and behaviours that will deliver you to your ultimate health and fitness goals.

Just remember, you’re unlikely to reach a destination you haven’t clearly articulated. Fuzzy goals tend to lead to fuzzy action (usually in-action). So the clearer the picture you paint for where we’re headed on this journey the better.

Your 12 week goal

Once you’ve set a clear picture of where you want to be in a year, I want you to commit to achieving a certain benchmark within the next 12 weeks.

Remember the 4 stages of body transformation? well, I want you to pick a stage and commit to achieving it in the next 12 weeks – whether that’s getting to stage 1 or stage 2.

Stage 1: You’ve been exercising consistently (3 times per week) and have started to notice some changes. You’ve lost a few pounds of body fat and feel better for the regular exercise.

or, if you’re feeling more ambitious (which I highly recommend!)

Stage 2: You’ve seen significant changes and really like what you see. You’re exercising consistently 3 times per week, been practising your basic nutrition habits and lost 10-20lbs of fat. Your body is looking more toned and you’ve dropped at least a dress size. You feel more confident and happier with your body. You feel fit, lean and lovely and want to keep it going to see even more results.

Your assignment:

Today’s homework is simple. Just answer the following question and email with your answer:

“What would you have to achieve in the next 12 weeks to feel like you’d succeeded on the Fit & Lean transformation challenge?”

Your answer needs to be Specific. Something we can Measure. Achievable. Realistic and Time constrained (achievable within the next 12 weeks).

What we’ve covered and what’s up next:

Our focus has very much been on the discovery aspect so far. Kinda laying the foundation. Next lesson we’re going to start looking at what it’s going to take – what specific actions and behaviours we need to work into your routine to achieve the goals you’ve outlined above.