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Fit & Lean Lesson 5: Setting your behaviour goals

Last lesson we looked at your vision for what you wanted to achieve and narrowed the focus to your goals for the next 12 weeks.

While defining the outcomes you want to achieve is essential, if we leave it at that your goals will likely remain pipe dreams.

To turn your vision into reality we need a specific plan of action. And that’s what behaviour goals are all about.

Stay focused on what you can control

In reality we don’t have control over how much you weigh, your clothing size or what your blood pressure and resting heart rate are.

You’ve probably noticed in the past that focusing exclusively on things that are outside of your control leads to frustration.

And what’s more it’ll likely distract you from doing the very things that will make a difference to your body.

For that reason I want you to switch your focus. Now that we know what you want to achieve, let’s get clear on what you’re going to do to move one step closer each day.

Let’s focus on what you can control: Your habits and behaviours.

Start with exercise

Over the coming weeks we’re going to be diving into both the exercise and nutrition components required for you to reach your goal. But for now I want to get your exercise schedule set up.

Today’s assignment: set your exercise frequency goal

Step1: Identify how many times per week you’re going to commit to exercise over the next 12 weeks (our recommendation is 3-5 day per week).

Step 2: Block out time in your diary each week that you’re going to dedicate to your exercise plan

Step 3: Send me a photo of your diary with your times blocked out each week (the email is A screen-shot of your calendar is fine too 🙂

What we’ve learned

Today we covered how important it is to remain focused on things you can control.

We discussed setting and achieving specific ‘behaviour goals’ related to your habits and how – by doing this consistently – you’re making it more likely you’ll achieve your ‘outcome’ goal.

We set your exercise goal, and booked time in the diary each week to work on your Fit & Lean exercise programme.