Fit & Lean Lesson 7: - Diligent Fitness

Fit & Lean Lesson 7:

Mistake 2: Getting distracted by the ‘once in a while’ things

Focusing on the stuff you do every day will have more of an impact on your health, fitness and body than the things you do once in a while.

I had a client – John – who’d go to the gym and workout 100% – leaving everything he had on the gym floor. John would leave feeling exhaused. And to watch him train you’d think his life was on the line.

Problem was John could only face working out once every couple of weeks. He eventually got frustrated with the lack of progress and gave up. I believe he’s still battling his weight with bursts of intense effort… every now and again.

Be ‘pretty good’ consistently

Sam (who started working on her body the same time as John) worked on small changes to her daily routine.

She’d get a litte activity in each day.

Then focus on eating protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Then she added healthy fats (nuts) and veggies to her daily snacks.

Sam trained consistently, steady away a few times per week – with an intense session every now and again.

Over the years Sam, along with a percentage of other DF clients, have managed to totally transform their body. And they’ve done it by focusing on doing the little things consistently everyday. Rather than going all out on diet and exercise… once in a while.

Fitness Truth #2: what we do everyday makes more of a difference than what we do once in a while

What we’ve learned

Today we’ve covered how, to get results, we need to focus on the things you’re doing everyday, rather than the things you do once in a while.

In practice that means looking at what you’re having for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What your daily snacks are, what you drink each day and how much exercise you do.

Right now, making improvements to each of these areas will have more of an impact on your results than anything ‘big’ you can only do once in a while.