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Fit & Lean Lesson 9:

Challenge 4: You won’t feel motivated all the time

Why is it when starting something new we feel motivated. Nothing’s too hard and we give it 100%.

But after a few days (or weeks) we can’t be bothered and give up?

It’s a story I hear time and time again from people who’ve tried and failed to transform their body.

When we dig down to why they gave up the answer’s often the same: “I just didn’t feel motivated anymore”.

Maybe they weren’t seeing results. Maybe they preferred fast food to healthy food. Maybe they just couldn’t be bothered.

But fundamentally they’d made the mistake of relying on their own motivation to keep them going.

Motivation comes and goes

The problem with relying on motivation to get results is that it simply isn’t consistent. It’s kinda here today, gone tomorrow.

If transforming your body relies on whether or not you feel motivated at any given moment we’re fighting a losing battle. Because No-one is motivated 100% of the time.

So what separates those who manage to get in great shape and transform their body from those who remain stuck?

Habits, structure and routine.

Sure, you need motivation to kick off your journey. And we’ve covered that with the work you did at the start of this programme.

We discussed your goals and why they are important. And that’s enough to ignite your motivation and get you started.

But we can’t rely on that to keep you going.

By now you’ll find you perhaps have days where you don’t feel like training. And you find yourself wondering why you took on the transformation challenge in the first place.

That’s where your habits come in handy.

Your habits – what you do daily – are what will get you results

Think about brushing your teeth; Something you do every single day, without fail.

You probably don’t have to psyche yourself up to do it. Motivation probably doesn’t even come into it. Because it’s a habit. Part of your daily routine.

We want your exercise and nutrition habits to be the same.

Just like when I get up make breakfast and chop some veggies for Lyz and mine’s mid morning snack. It’s part of my daily routine. Motivation doesn’t come into it anymore. It’s just something I do.

What are your default habits and routines?

The good news is you already have habits and routines around food and exercise. The challenge is that -until now- they haven’t quite matched up to the goals you’ve got for your body.

So over the coming lessons we’re going to tweak your habits and routines to bring them more in line with getting the body you want.

Just like we did when we set out your workout schedule – and booking your sessions in the diary. We set the structure and started building a new weekly routine. One that relies less on motivation and more on structure and habit.

Fitness Truth #4: Motivation Comes and Goes

What we’ve learned

When motivation drops all that’s left is your daily habits and routines.

If your habits aren’t up to scratch just yet fear not! It’s nearly time to introduce you to some of the Fit & Lean habits that’ll fully support you in transforming your body.