Dan Coulton - Diligent Fitness
Dan Coulton
12th February 2016 Personal Trainer

Hi I’m Dan, a Personal Trainer here at Diligent Fitness. I want to enjoy all the sessions I coach and to do that my mission is to help you enjoy it. I encourage a friendly vibe in all my sessions and am always on hand. When you need help I’m there and if you don’t I’ll step back. Know that if I think you need more of a challenge I’m going to ‘make suggestions’!

I’m here show you through your workouts; set-up equipment, demonstrate exercises, check your technique and select appropriate weights. If you’ve got a niggle, ache or pain one session I’ll show you alternative versions of exercises to do until you feel stronger again. And if I think you need something more challenging, I’ve got plenty of strength training techniques up my sleeve to help you get stronger. I also coach some more advanced movements including Olympic lifts – just for when you’ve perfected the basics and are ready for the next challenge.

I coach afternoon and evening 1-2-1 slots plus evening semi-private sessions and the group training.

A bit about me: I used to be a competing amateur diver and recently entered my first men’s physique competition. Thoroughly enjoyed that and qualified for the finals. And I’ve just finished a degree in Strength and Conditioning at Trinity University.

We think Dan’s super-power is RELIABILITY. If he says he’ll be there, then he will.