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Fit & Lean Lesson 8:

Mistake 3: Dismissing the little things that REALLY matter

When it comes to transforming your body every situation presents 2 choices. Everything you encounter, every choice you make will be between something that will move you closer to the body you want, or move you further away.

Some practical examples? In your day there’s numerous opportunities to advance towards your goal. The problem is it’s easy to get fooled into thinking that just this once it won’t make a difference.

What difference will taking the stairs make? It’s only a few extra steps.

What difference will snacking on bread sticks instead of veggies make? it’s only this once.

The things you think as being insignificant are the very things that have the power to nudge you one step closer to your goal.

Taking the stairs instead of the lift – every time – over a lifetime adds up

Choosing veggies over pasta when you go out for meals will make a huge difference.

Parking further away from the shops so you get a few extra steps in does count.

Every day is a game to spot opportunities to advance. To see and make choices that’ll nudge you one step closer to your goal. Even when you don’t think it’s worth it. When you’re faced with a choice practice asking the question:

“which choice will move me towards my goal and which will move me away?”

There is no neutral. Everything counts. The question is, will the choice you’re about to make move you forwards or keep you stuck?

Fitness Truth #3: Everything Counts

What we’ve learned

The daily things you think are insignificant are often the very things that will move you forward.

For best results, practice spotting opportunities to move more, eat better and advance towards your goal.

Make the decisions the person you want to be would make, and fast track your body transformation more than any other step you could take.

And any time you catch yourself thinking, “what difference will it make? It’s only this once” know that is the voice of the part of you that wants to keep you stuck.

Over the duration of your programme the aim is to start looking for and seeing more opportunities to do more of those ‘insignificant’ things. Knowing that a lifetime of being someone who always takes the stairs… adds up to a lot of extra steps.