Looking For A Gym Near Horsforth Vale, Leeds?

Looking for a Gym near Horsforth Vale?

If you’re looking for a gym near Horsforth Vale then there are a couple to choose from in the area…

If you’ve recently moved into, or are shortly moving to, one of the new Redrow housing developments; The Green at Horsforth Vale or The Limes at Horsforth Vale, then you may want to find yourself a gym nearby.

You have a few options; The Edge, Trinity Fitness and Diligent Fitness are all within 10 mins drive of you – the one you choose really depends on how you like to use a gym.

We (Diligent Fitness) are the nearest gym to Horsforth Vale and the only one you could reasonably walk to – based in Rodley we’re just a five mins drive or 15 mins walk down the road.

We’re a smaller scale gym than the other two which has its advantages – it means we can offer a more personal service. Whilst we don’t do one-to-one personal training (it’s just a bit expensive and intense for our liking!) we do offer semi-private personal training. This just means it’s like personal training – as in there is a coach there at all times – the difference is, that there may be up to five other people in the session at the same time as you. We do write a programme for you to follow, so you know what to expect each time you come in. There is always a coach in the session actively instructing, working on technique with you and advising on weights to use and progressions or regressions as appropriate. This all means you get to do some exercises you may not attempt on your own and you can be assured they’re all tailored to meeting your goals.

You’re probably going to feel at home here if you’re the kind of person who wants to do something about your fitness but doesn’t really like gyms, as in you feel a bit intimidated perhaps or just a bit lost as to what to do when you get there.

Gym near Horsforth Vale, Leeds

The EDGE is a short drive around the ring road towards Alwoodly and a bit different from your average gym. They train some athletes and sports teams there and have some pretty specialist equipment – if you’re very serious about your training or have lofty training and/or weight-loss goals then this could be the place for you. They say: EDGE is a revolutionary gym specialising in sustainable fat loss and functional conditioning.

Trinity Fitness is located on the campus of Leeds Trinity University in Horsforth, near to the train station, This is perhaps the most standard of the gyms and has exactly what you’d expect in terms of equipment. It’s a cheap monthly contract and you go there and get on with your workout – good if you either know what you’re doing and just want to be left alone to get on with it, or you just want to go and plug your headphones in and run on a treadmill for half an hour. They say: Our facilities are open to everyone, so whether you’re a Leeds Trinity student, member of staff or you just live locally, you can take advantage of what’s on offer.

The best thing to do if you are seriously looking to find a gym near Horsforth Vale is to ring a few up and arrange to go in and have a chat to someone about your goals and what you’re looking for from your gym experience.

If you’d like to pop down for a chat with us then you can call or text Kieran on 07766 808 553 or, register for your free fitness consultation online. He’ll talk everything through with you , find out what your goals are and explain how we can help. In the meantime, here is some information about who we are and how we work with you.

We look forward to meeting you soon =)