Lyz Igwe - Diligent Fitness
Lyz Igwe
10th February 2016 Core Conditioning Specialist

Hello I’m Lyz and I’m the Core Conditioning Specialist here at DF. I make it my mission to do everything we can to make your workout as enjoyable as possible, that you leave with bead of sweat on your brow and wearing a smile.

Yes, I’ll make sure you’re working at the right intensity for your fitness level and goal, but it goes deeper than that. I take into account the type of exercises you prefer to do, and give you more of that and less of what doesn’t really float your boat… For some that means more cardio, for others more skills-based exercises; learning complex movements involving balance, and sometimes it’s straight lifting weights. Most often a combination of all three to varying degrees.

I listen to, and watch you; learn how you like to be coached. Encourage where you need it, and step back where you don’t. Pair you up with like-minded people so you can egg each other on and I’ll switch up your workout if I think you need something a little different one day… Boxing is a great stress-buster!

PS I love a challenge so if you’ve got anything you think will impede your ability to exercise – including movement restrictions, a sore knee, hip or shoulders then bring it on. I’ll also work in conjunction with your physio or chiropractor (with your permission) to make sure you get exactly what you need. That we stretch, strengthen and mobilise the parts that will really make a difference to your daily life.

PN Certified Coach



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