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4 Keys to Maintaining Your Fitness Over Christmas

8th December 2016 by Kieran Igwe Exercise 0 comments

It’s that time of year again… the Christmas holiday season from November to New Years Day. It’s a busy time that leaves you focusing on everyone and everything… except for yourself.

As a result it’s tempting to either; a) try and carry on as normal with your fitness (and beat yourself up when it doesn’t happen) or b) give up completely and start over in the new year


I want to share a better approach. One that acknowledges that no one’s perfect. We’re all human, and it would be crazy to expect to stay 100% on point with your workouts through the holiday season. At the same time, you still want to feel good by keeping a foot in the door with your fitness.

So, use these 4 keys to maintain your fitness without living like a monk or giving yourself a hard time over what you feel you ‘should’ be doing.

1. Give yourself a break

First of all, identify a 1-2 week period between December and New Years where you’re either not going to train, or go at 50%. Seriously, take sometime and just relax and be ok with it. To make this effective, you must stay consistent and committed to your diet and training during the other weeks.

2. Do ONE consistent ‘Staple’ workout

Identify ONE thing that you’re going to have as your go-to staple. Something you like doing that takes almost ZERO effort.

And commit to this on the days where normal training simply isn’t an option. Some ideas include; walking the dog, jogging/running, stretching, yoga, squats, push-ups/planks.

3. Turn your normal workout time into family/friend adventure time

Get outside go for a walk on the Chevin, round Fewson reservoir, on Ilkley moor or round Golden acre park. It can be hard to consider “fun” activities like these actual workouts, but they’re absolutely better than nothing.

4. Use TV ad breaks as a timer

Finally, you’re going to be spending more time than usual in front of the TV (classic christmas movies, sport, etc.). Make this time your mobility, stretching or foam rolling time. Enrol your kids or spouse to stretch or workout during the adverts (if like me you can’t fast forward and still have to watch these!). Keep it simple and just start.

If You Want More Help & Support

Think back to Christmas Holidays gone by. What promises did you make?

  • To be “good” through the holidays and not put on any weight?
  • To start exercising on January 1st (okay, maybe 2nd January)?

If you’ve failed to keep these promises to yourself despite your best efforts in the past then fear not – you’re not alone!

It’s EXTREMELY common to make a commitment to yourself that you don’t keep. As humans we do it all the time. The good news is we’re here to help!

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