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Exercise of the Week: Box Jump, Pull Up, Push Up Circuit

2nd November 2013 by Kieran Igwe Exercise 0 comments

When you’re working at losing body fat it’s key to maintain as much muscle as possible. Sure, having firm toned muscles looks good. But muscle is the most metabolically active of all the tissues in our body. Which means the more muscle we maintain, the more calories we burn – even at rest. Pretty cool, right?

And if that wasn’t enough, having strong, well functioning muscles plays a key role in keeping our joints healthy and minimizing joint aches and pains.

With that in mind this mini circuit is designed to help you maintain your muscle in 3 basic (but not easy!) moves

Workout Notes:

a1. Box jumps x8

a2. Pull Up x8

a3. Push Up x8

Rest 60 seconds then repeat the circuit for 3-4 total sets

Use a power band on the pull ups to assist if you struggle to make the 8 reps



Build up to 10 repetitions on each exercise over the next couple of weeks. When you manage 10 reps on each exercise, you could…

– increase the box height for box jumps

– hold a weight between your knees for pull ups

– elevate your feet on a low step for the push ups

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