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Exercise of the Week: TRX Plank Row

4th October 2013 by Kieran Igwe Exercise 0 comments

The TRX plank row adds instability into the mix for an added challenge for your core and shoulders.

trx plank row 1  trx plank row 2

Weight Selection

Choose a weight you can complete 10 to 15 repetitions. You don’t need to go especially heavy on this; it’s less about the rowing and more about keeping the torso still.


– Grab a dumbbell in one hand, with the other hand gripping the TRX handle

– Row the weight towards your body, then lower back down toward the floor

– Keep your whole body totally still, with only the arm moving as you row the weight

– Keep the hips forward the whole time – just like you would for a plank

Sets and Reps

– Complete 10-15 repetitions on one arm, then switch arms and repeat.

– Rest for 30 secs after the first set then complete a second set on each side


– Once you can complete 15 reps on each side (with perfect form) then try increasing the weight

– For a harder progression simply lengthen the TRX straps, so your body is closer to the floor


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