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Why you’re already ahead of the game for fitness in 2015

According to one of the UK’s leading fitness experts – you’re leading the charge for fitness trends in 2015

You’re on it – you’re already doing the main so called new fitness trend for this year. How cool is that. What is it I hear you ask, well… You’re leading the way in choosing a different way to exercise. We’re thrilled that such an eminent fitness expert as Matt Roberts (personal trainer to the stars and fitness writer) is espousing the way we do things here at Diligent Fitness (not us personally of course, just outfits like us).

Sometimes Kieran and I struggle to describe exactly what it is we do here and why it’s different from other gyms – you guys do a much better job of explaining what you get out of it. Having said that I recently read this article about fitness trends for 2015 on the Women’s Health website and in it, I reckon Matt put his finger right on the essence of things…

Small group training

“Small group training sessions fill the void between mass market membership clubs and higher priced personal training,” reveals Matt. “The social interaction and motivational setting are really inspiring. This area will grow and grow, which means that quality of delivery will be mixed, so choose your groups wisely.”(1)

Well, all of us that do the group training sessions have got that one covered! And he’s exactly right, I love the group training sessions and it’s my exercise method of choice. It is motivational to do the classes alongside you guys each week, it is a laugh but we do seriously encourage each other to go that little bit further than we might on our own.

Short, high intensity training (HIT)

HIT crew, rejoice. “Short, high intensity training has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years and it will remain so in 2015,” predicts Matt. “However, we will all be doing the sessions more often than before. So it’s more intensity, less time, more often.”(1)

Finisher anyone – think we’ve got that one covered too!

More focus on the niche

It’s what we’re all after at the gym: a personal feel that’s not daunting or overwhelming. “We want a social experience, service and variety, not to swipe in and be bored or met with cliques,” says Matt. “People are realising certain models are flawed and others work better – more quality niche operators are popping up, and expect the better ones to find larger spaces and upscale their operations to meet the growing demand for personal attention and care.”(1)

This is our aspiration – to provide exactly this kind of service – you’ll have to be the judge of how we’re doing. Let us know what you think…

(1) Matt Roberts quoted from: http://www.womenshealthmag.co.uk/fitness/find-a-workout/2247/the-hottest-new-fitness-trends-for-2015#ixzz3OsaEaRJs

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