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How to Be More Consistent With Exercise

One of the most common things we hear at DF (and sorry ladies, you’re the worst for this) is people struggling to make time for themselves.

Especially when it comes to looking after our body with exercise. Something we find challenging at the best of times.

Seems like everyone else’s agenda comes first.

It gets to the end of another week and all the energy we had was spent on anybody and everybody but ourselves.

As a result we end up feeling trapped in a body we’re just not happy with.

It’s admirable. And I love that we look to take care of others first.

At the same time there’s got to be a point where – if you’re unhappy with where you’re at – you’ve got to do something for YOU. Even if it’s just for a little time each week.

Putting yourself first is hard

In reality most people struggle with putting their needs first. Even if they agree with the concept of ‘time for me’, putting it into practice consistently is easier said than done.

Something else always comes up, right?

For those that struggle we’ve found there’s one simple step you can take to keep that time for you, and your health and fitness;

Make a weekly appointment for exercise

Having that commitment in the diary (even just once a week) makes it 100% more likely to happen.

The second part of this is having an appointment WITH SOMEONE.

We all too easily let ourselves down if it’s left to us. We’re quick to jump to the rescue of somebody else’s needs. Totally neglecting our own.

By the very nature of who you are means you probably aren’t the kind of person to let somebody else down.It’s

You probably don’t like letting other people down

Use the fact that you don’t like letting other people down to your advantage.

Make an appointment WITH SOMEONE to leverage what’s actually a really positive trait in favour of your goals for once.

At Diligent Fitness we include a weekly appointment with a personal trainer as part of the program. The result is that people are so much more consistent and see far better results than if they go it alone.

For best results work with a professional

While an appointment with a training buddy of some kind can work, if you’re serious about achieving better health and fitness we’ve found this appointment works best when it’s with a professional, like a personal trainer

(all too often friends and family bail last minute, which means our results are based on someone else’s ability to stick with the plan. Not good).

So, here’s my recommendation for the week;

Find someone you can see yourself working with on a regular basis

Once you’ve found someone to help with your fitness, commit to a weekly appointment with them.

I know it’ll help you not only start, but stick to your exercise plan. And you’ll see great result sooner than you would going it alone.

Want Some Help With Your Fitness Goals?

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