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If You Don’t Like Running (Or If It Hurts) Try This Instead to Keep Fit

7th August 2013 by Kieran Igwe Exercise 0 comments

Running is one of the simplest, most convenient ways to keep fit. We can do it almost anywhere, we don’t need a great deal of time and it costs no more than the price of a pair of trainers. For these reasons running is pretty cool.

Problem is, for many it causes aches and pains to surface. I found this out first hand after joining an athletics club – going hell for leather – and realising that despite my dreams:

1. I’m not Usain Bolt

2. I’m not 18 anymore (at least physically).

maybe, just maybe one day...

maybe, just maybe one day…

Having to miss a couple of months through injury got me thinking about those who want to exercise, but think running is perhaps the only viable option.

Running’s great, but it doesn’t always deliver

A secondary problem is that if we’re running for weight management, for one reason or another it doesn’t always help us change how our body looks.

Numerous clients have joined our personal training program after discovering that running just didn’t deliver on the body shape benefits they were looking for. Despite having built up to some very reasonable distances.

If running results in you having to navigate the stairs sideways with knee pain, or it just doesn’t seem to be getting you to where you want to be then I’d like to share an alternative method of keeping fit.

(could also be used to complement a regular running routine to manage bodyweight and prevent injuries in the future).

For better results try resistance training

Resistance training refers to lifting weights, using stretch bands or using our own body weight as resistance to create a challenge for our body. Adding a resistance training session to our routine can helps us stay fit, tone our muscles and improve how well our body functions with day to day activities.

It provides near endless variety (there are many different exercises to keep it interesting) and we can progress without having to add more time onto our exercise sessions. For these reasons weight training has become one of our preferred ways of training at Diligent Fitness.

one of our group training sessions @ DF using weight lifting circuits

one of our group training sessions @ Diligent Fitness using resistance training

Plus, resistance training is a little more controlled than running, and can be modified to accommodate injuries aches and pains.

Train movements that compliment our body

We have a six basic movements we recommend for a well balanced resistance training programme:

squat, lunge, bend, push, pull and twist

These movements, and various combinations make up all the movements our bodies are designed to do. We like to train the body in a way that compliments its design, as well as getting it in good shape.

Here’s an example of a few exercises we’d do in a typical session:

1. Goblet Squat (Squat)

Goblet Squat 1   Goblet Squat 2

2. TRX Row (Pull)

TRX Row 1 TRX Row 2

3. SB Dumbbell Press (Push)

SB DB Press 1 SB DB Press 3

Now, a good way to combine these movements to get your heart rate up is to perform as a circuit. Start at the top and work through each exercise, completing 15 repetitions of each exercise with minimal rest between.

When you get to the last exercise rest for a minute, take a sip of water then repeat for two to three total circuits.

The routine will only take around 10 minutes depending on how much rest you take. And if you don’t have access to a gym there’s even similar exercises you can do at home (see 10 minute home workout).


If you’ve decided running just isn’t working for you, if it causes more aches and pains than you’re happy with, or you’re looking for something to compliment your running routine then give this resistance training circuit a go. It’s less likely to provoke any aches and pains and it’s pretty good at toning muscles too!

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