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5 ways to use your homemade beef bone stock

18th November 2013 by Lyz Igwe Nutrition 0 comments

beef bone stockIt’s surprisingly easy to incorporate some good homemade beef bone stock into your everyday meals without making too many changes – here are five of my ideas but if you have any of your own please share in the comments box below :0)

1. To make gravy

This is perhaps the most obvious; either use it to make your normal Sunday roast gravy by adding some salt, pepper and a bit of cornflower to thicken, or use it with your shepherd’s pie filling. Lip smacking.

2. Use it in sauces

When you next make a Chilli con Carne or Bolognaise sauce, literally beef it up by using some beef bone stock as the cooking liqueur with your tomatoes. Saucy!

lamb-shanks3. For braising meat

Next time you make a beef stew, casserole or hotpot, use your homemade beef bone stock in place of shop bought or stock powder/cubes. It’ll be much tastier and you can feel supremely smug at how much goodness you’re feeding your family.

4. As a base for soup

Beef stock makes a great base for a vegetable soup – use it instead of water or powder stock mix in a sweet potato, butternut squash and root vegetable soup. Perhaps more traditionally, use it to make French onion soup. Oui oui

soup5. Cook your rice/pasta in it

Perhaps sounds a bit strange but if you’re struggling to use it elsewhere, this one’s an easy win. Not only can you sneak it past the keenest of small eyes but the pasta or rice is much tastier too. You could also cook your veg in it or add it to mash instead of milk and butter. Sneaky


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