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The best way to improve body shape

Here’s a shocker;  When it comes to changing your body, doing anything less than 100% of what you’re capable of leads to little to no positive changes. How unfair is that? You diligently put aside time for exercise, put in the effort and for what? Sure, you feel better when you leave the gym, class […]

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How to Resist Tempting Snacks at Work

14th November 2016 by Kieran Igwe Nutrition, Snacks 0 Comments

You want to lose weight and improve your body. But people keep offering you tempting snacks at work. You find it hard to resist at the best of times. And on a busy, stressful day you just can’t find the will power to keep saying no. You eventually give in eat the biscuits (or cake, […]

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The biggest challenge you’ll face getting in shape

I’ve been reading a great book; the Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. Ever heard of it? It highlights one of the biggest challenges you’ll face getting in shape: The results of your actions won’t be apparent at the end of the today. Nor tomorrow. Heck, probably not even by the end of the week. Day […]

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Struggling to Lose Weight, Even Though You ‘Eat Healthily’? Here’s What to Do

I want share a few ideas on what to do when weight loss stalls (or never starts!). Plus, if you already eat healthily, but aren’t losing weight you’ll discover the best 20 minutes you’ll ever spend. First off just know that your body responds to inputs. And like it or no those inputs shape how you look […]

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Ever suffered “food regret”?

Was chatting to one of the guys last week about this very topic. In this case eating a dessert when she didn’t really want or need it. She was frustrated that she kept undermining her efforts in the gym for a moment of instant gratification. She was giving into impulses that she’d always regret. Here’s […]

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How to stop ‘weekend eating’ holding you back

1st February 2016 by Kieran Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

How do you play the weekend food and exercise-wise? Are you strict through the week with all bets off over the weekend? Enjoying eating and drinking at the weekend without letting it interfere with your fitness and fat loss goals is a real challenge.. I know this is something I’ve struggled with. Along with pretty […]

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Habits and Routines That Will Transform Your Body

Lyz and I constantly review the top performers at the gym; the people who make consistent progress, and see changes in their body month after month. We break down what these people are doing differently to everyone else. And there’s a common theme. One that I want to share with you in today’s post. Along […]

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9 strategies to stay lean and toned on your holiday

You’ve been working out hard for months; exercising consistently, eating better and finally you’re starting to notice a difference. Your weight’s down. You feel slimnmer and your clothes fit better. Not only do you feel more toned, but people are starting to comment on how good you look. But there’s a problem. You’ve got a […]

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2 ways tracking your food intake with an app could be holding you back

It’s gotten pretty popular to keep track of what you eat with apps like MyFitnessPal. These can be a cool way to help you stay accountable and give you feedback on where it’s going wrong. But there are two big mistakes I’ve seen people making when getting started with apps like this. Mistake 1) Getting […]

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The Fat Loss Implementation Checklist

One of the girls at the gym had been working out hard for several months. She’d been putting up her weights, increasing the intensity of her workouts and really felt like she was doing everything right and due some good results. When it came to measurement time the tape measure thought otherwise. After a few […]

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