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Do this for 15 minutes each week to lose fat

10th June 2015 by Kieran Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

We just kicked off the 21 day fat loss programme at the DF studio, with the goal being for participants to lose 5-10lbs of body fat over the 21 days. To guarantee these kind of results we needed to start off with the one thing I knew would do more to speed up the fat […]

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Is it possible to have a social life AND lose weight?

Let’s say you’ve set a goal of losing a stone over the next two months. But there’s a problem… You’ve got a trip to Italy and a big family get together; a notorious diet blowing black spot. You take the trip, eat, drink and don’t exercise. You feel like you’ve undone all the hard work […]

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The 3 Stages of Body Transformation

Chatting with one of the girls in the gym reminded me of the stages we go through with changing our body. Laura has come a long way since starting our programme over two years ago. And has completely changed her mindset, her habits and her body along the way. But perhaps what’s remarkable is that […]

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Conscious spending of calories

18th February 2015 by Kieran Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

Ever feel like life’s one big compromise? Take getting in shape. You want things to be a little firmer, so you have to give up everything that makes life worth living. Pretty raw deal, huh? I’ve struggled on a similar level with money. I’m either buying everything I want, or I’m depriving myself on a […]

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You’re exercising. You’re eating better. But the scale says you’ve gained weight! What gives?

14th January 2015 by Kieran Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

I got an email from someone in distress working through the 12in12 fat loss nutrition course. Even though she’d lost 5 lbs and a few inches, her weight went up after two days of working on one of the new habits. She wasn’t sure if it was coincidence, part of her monthly cycle, if she […]

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The link between managing money and your midsection

Maybe you’ve vowed to get your health and fitness on track. You’re fed up with not being happy with how things are right now and you’re set to do something about it. This pretty much sums up how I felt about finances. I’d been in debt for as long as I’d had a bank account. […]

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Why you should ignore most dietary advice

Having ‘how to’ info at the touch of a button is amazing. Want to lose weight? tone up? feel healthy? get fitter? no problem. Google (and the media) has got your back. Most articles give us advice on the Best stuff we can do. Now I love getting advice. And it’s certainly good to know […]

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Why take fish oil every day?

25th September 2014 by Lyz Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

From reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, to improving mood and speeding up fat loss, the benefits of supplementing with omega 3 are well known. All we need to do now is get them in your diet. A quick and easy way to speed up your metabolism is to take a high […]

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Why You Can’t Change Your Body… And Why It Doesn’t Matter

If your goal is to see positive changes in your body there are things that, when you focus too much on, will prevent you seeing results. In today’s post I’d like to share the trap you’d need to avoid, and what to focus on instead to see results. The problem is you can’t lose weight. […]

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Kippers for breakfast? No thanks!

22nd November 2013 by Lyz Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

Who exactly has time to cook up a few kippers on a Tuesday morning? Quite apart from stinking the house out and then carefully picking your way through the gazillion tiny bones, most of us just about manage to grab a cup of tea and slice of toast as an afterthought as we rush out […]

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