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How bone stock can help protect & repair your joints

20th November 2013 by Lyz Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

My youngest sister (Zoe) is having some problems with her hips and, whilst we don’t know exactly what the diagnosis is yet, she asked me if I could think of anything to help. So I explained that the health of your joints depends on the health of the collagen in your ligaments, tendons and the […]

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5 ways to use your homemade beef bone stock

18th November 2013 by Lyz Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

It’s surprisingly easy to incorporate some good homemade beef bone stock into your everyday meals without making too many changes – here are five of my ideas but if you have any of your own please share in the comments box below :0) 1. To make gravy This is perhaps the most obvious; either use […]

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10 ways to make eating healthily more interesting…

15th November 2013 by Lyz Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

A few ideas from you guys, plus a few of our own… 1. Go herby We’re championing the fresh green variety rather than the car on this occasion but joking aside a liberal scattering of these herbs – think basil, parsley, coriander, chives and mint – on your meal not only ups it in the […]

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4 ‘alternative’ foods I have in my kitchen

30th October 2013 by Lyz Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

Anytime I can make a simple swap in the kitchen to get added health benefits I’m interested. So long as the new food delivers on the taste front! With that in mind I wanted to share with you 4 ‘alternative’ foods I’ve switched to over the years that I believe do me some good. If […]

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Traditional, tasty lamb shanks

It seems that I’ve become a tennis widow. Every Sunday (weather permitting) Mr Igwe takes himself off out to play tennis for a few hours so I thought I’d take advantage of this unusual free range access to the kitchen (it’s only big enough for one and he occupies it at regular and frequent intervals) […]

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Remind me again why I’m supposed to take fish oil…

31st July 2013 by Lyz Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

One of our members came to see me about a refresher course in nutrition – she’d done a course last year but wanted to tighten up on a few of the habits as she was looking to lose a few more lbs. We got talking and I asked her if she was still taking her […]

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6 fast & delicious salad ideas with 5 ingredients or less

I’m often asked for ‘recipe’ ideas but the truth is I’m not much of a recipe cook, more of an assembler of ingredients. Having said that I very much want to eat food that is quick, easy and tasty – the holy grail of food prep! So here are six salad staples that I regularly […]

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6 diet tweaks you can make right now to help keep your weight down

19th July 2013 by Lyz Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

Have you ever seen Britain’s Favourite Supermarket Foods? (on BBC1 a while back). They were looking at simple ways to tweak our diets that would keep us fuller for longer and stave off the snack attacks so helping us watch our waistlines. The idea being that if we didn’t need to reach for the sugary, sweet […]

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Your quick reference guide to the Why, When & What of Carbs

17th July 2013 by Kieran Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

One of the habits we cover in the DF fat loss nutrition program is the timing of eating carbohydrates. In short, if you want to lose weight to change your physique, you’ll likely need to firstly address the type of carbohydrates you eat and secondly when you eat them. This is the habit that provokes the biggest […]

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What is Good or ‘Healthy’ Nutrition?

5th July 2013 by Lyz Igwe Nutrition 0 Comments

It’s an interesting question and you’ll likely get as many different answers as people you care to ask. After all, how often have you heard your friends and family (or perhaps even yourself) say ‘I eat healthily but I just… can’t shed this excess weight/feel lethargic all the time/have a permanent cold/can’t seem to build […]

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