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How to Resist Tempting Snacks at Work

14th November 2016 by Kieran Igwe Nutrition, Snacks 0 Comments

You want to lose weight and improve your body. But people keep offering you tempting snacks at work. You find it hard to resist at the best of times. And on a busy, stressful day you just can’t find the will power to keep saying no. You eventually give in eat the biscuits (or cake, […]

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Ridiculously tasty rustic ratatouille recipe

This is a fantastic recipe for many reasons; primarily it’s delicious and after that… It’s a really easy way to top up your veggie quota for the day, you can make a mahoosive pan full of it as it’s great served as soon as it’s cooked, but also cold next day for lunch. By my […]

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Courgetti, feta & fresh tomato sauce (v)

So in my quest for ‘fab abs’ my first (self-appointed) task is to replace starchy carbs – in my case we’re talking pasta, rice, white potatoes and bread – with vegetables. Here’s a very tasty meal that takes about 15 mins to put together – all cooked form scratch with fresh ingredients. And I promise […]

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Courgetti Bolognaise

Quite some time ago now I put it out there that one of my goals was to see my abs – well I’m getting there but had kindda parked the idea and consequently I wasn’t really doing anything to move towards achieving it. Until that is Dan said something that reminded me that “oh yeah, […]

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Curry roasted parsnip soup

5th February 2015 by Lyz Igwe Recipes, Soups 0 Comments

This week two enormous parsnips and some leeks turned up in my veggies box… so soup it is. Last time I had parsnips I attempted to recreate a bramley apple and parsnip soup recipe I’d seen on Hairy Bikers – that didn’t work out so well, far too sweet. So this time I wanted something […]

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Crunchy Winter Veg Coleslaw

I’ve been getting a veg box delivered from Riverford Organic for a few weeks now and as it stands, I’ve got, amongst other things, a red cabbage, 2 bulbs of fennel and carrots  left in the fridge. So after racking my brain for what to do with this motley crew, I remembered about coleslaw – […]

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Quick and Easy Root Veg Soup

11th December 2014 by Lyz Igwe Recipes, Soups 0 Comments

This is a real quickie – my go-to soup recipe when I want a filling and warming soup. Fast. It takes a few minutes to prepare (not even any peeling of veg!) and about 15-20 mins to cook… Ingredients: [list type=”arrow2″] 1 large or two small sweet potatoes, chopped into chunks (washed but not peeled) […]

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Winter Warmer Butternut Squash & Turkey Soup

16th October 2014 by Lyz Igwe Recipes, Soups 0 Comments

Now the days are getting a little colder, salad just isn’t cutting it for me come lunchtime. So bored of the standard sweet potato and butternut squash soup I usually make, I decided to look for something new – not that new as it happens but sufficiently different to satisfy! This butternut and squash soup […]

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Stuffed Courgettes (v)

18th September 2014 by Lyz Igwe Recipes, Vegetarian 0 Comments

Here’s a very tasty way to liven up a dreary courgette or two with different flavours and textures… and is nutrition-packed too. Thanks to Gourmet Nutrition for the inspiration. Ingredients: [list type=”arrow2″] 2 medium courgettes halved lengthwise 1 portobello mushroom (or a handful of shitake) chopped into small dice 1/2 can chopped tomatoes2 medium tomatoes […]

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Quick beef chilli

18th September 2014 by Lyz Igwe Main meals, Recipes 0 Comments

One of my nutrition clients loves his institutional ‘Chilli Thursdays’ but thought he’d have to give them up to reach his goals… not so fast! Here’s a quick and easy way to knock up a mid-week chilli that’ll satisfy your taste buds and help you with your body transformation goals. It’s all about switching a […]

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