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Ridiculously tasty rustic ratatouille recipe

This is a fantastic recipe for many reasons; primarily it’s delicious and after that… It’s a really easy way to top up your veggie quota for the day, you can make a mahoosive pan full of it as it’s great served as soon as it’s cooked, but also cold next day for lunch. By my […]

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Courgetti, feta & fresh tomato sauce (v)

So in my quest for ‘fab abs’ my first (self-appointed) task is to replace starchy carbs – in my case we’re talking pasta, rice, white potatoes and bread – with vegetables. Here’s a very tasty meal that takes about 15 mins to put together – all cooked form scratch with fresh ingredients. And I promise […]

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Courgetti Bolognaise

Quite some time ago now I put it out there that one of my goals was to see my abs – well I’m getting there but had kindda parked the idea and consequently I wasn’t really doing anything to move towards achieving it. Until that is Dan said something that reminded me that “oh yeah, […]

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Quick beef chilli

18th September 2014 by Lyz Igwe Main meals, Recipes 0 Comments

One of my nutrition clients loves his institutional ‘Chilli Thursdays’ but thought he’d have to give them up to reach his goals… not so fast! Here’s a quick and easy way to knock up a mid-week chilli that’ll satisfy your taste buds and help you with your body transformation goals. It’s all about switching a […]

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Traditional, tasty lamb shanks

It seems that I’ve become a tennis widow. Every Sunday (weather permitting) Mr Igwe takes himself off out to play tennis for a few hours so I thought I’d take advantage of this unusual free range access to the kitchen (it’s only big enough for one and he occupies it at regular and frequent intervals) […]

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