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What is Good or ‘Healthy’ Nutrition?

5th July 2013 by Lyz Igwe Nutrition 0 comments

It’s an interesting question and you’ll likely get as many different answers as people you care to ask. After all, how often have you heard your friends and family (or perhaps even yourself) say ‘I eat healthily but I just… can’t shed this excess weight/feel lethargic all the time/have a permanent cold/can’t seem to build extra muscle’?

And whilst the explanations you’ve [heard] tagged on to the end of these statements – it’s my age, it’s my genes, I can’t exercise, it’s just the way my body is – could possibly be behind the answer, it’s unlikely! The thing that’s perpetuating these conditions is poor nutrition.

Poor nutrition is maintaining your fat, making you lethargic and keeping you scrawny!

My ‘nutrition bible’ defines good nutrition as: “achieving health, good body composition and performance goals. It controls energy balance and provides the correct amount of nutrients that your body needs. It is sustainable for both us and the planet.”* And that’s something I believe in whole heartedly – focus on feeding yourself the right nutrients, in the right amount and miraculously you see improvements not only in your body and health, but performance wise in the gym too.

To me, good nutrition is definitely about more than losing a few extra pounds – it’s about balance. You could crash diet for five days and lose 7lbs or you could take performance enhancing drugs or steroids, but at what cost to your long term health?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to ‘look good naked’ but whereas Gok teaches us to accept what we have, we want more, we want to be the best we can be and that means taking care of our health and wellbeing too.

When my ‘nutritionees’ start to implement good nutrition habits, the first things they notice are increased energy, their skin looks better (some might say glowing!), their eyes are clear and bright and waistbands are getting looser. I notice a change in their body language; they lean forwards, full of enthusiasm for the next habit rather than slumped in the chair in resignation.

Further down the line come the weight loss and then the muscle definition showing through – the beginnings of a total body transformation. There’s nothing more pleasing on the eye than a healthy, vital and sculpted body!

*The Essentials of Sports & Exercise Nutrition – Certification Manual Second Edition by John Beradi PhD and Ryan Adams MS MA RD

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