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The 3 Stages of Body Transformation

Chatting with one of the girls in the gym reminded me of the stages we go through with changing our body.

Laura has come a long way since starting our programme over two years ago. And has completely changed her mindset, her habits and her body along the way.

But perhaps what’s remarkable is that she’s still going strong, working towards new goals. There has been no yo-yoing. And she has successfully made the transition through the 3 stages of body transformation.

If you are wanting to lose weight, get back in shape or get your body back to a place you’re happy with then I’d like to share the three stages and how to progress through them to ensure your success:

Stage 1: unaware & don’t care

You’re living life in the fast lane, with all your time and energy focused on other things. Family, work and everyone else takes priority, and you don’t have moment to spare for yourself.

Your physical activity is limited to the occasional flight of stairs,  and perhaps a gentle walk with family at the weekend. You’re not conscious of what you eat… or bothered about changing.

But suddenly the pressure’s on. You’ve booked a holiday and the reality of wearing a bikini or revealing your body hits hard. You’re motivated! After brushing it under the carpet for months (maybe years) the thought of having to bare it all pushes you to stage 2.

Stage 2: aware & very much care

It dawns on you that your clothes haven’t been comfortable for months. And you’ve given up on looking at the scales. You feel tired and unfit and know your health is likely suffering. Oh, and there’s the small matter of that beach holiday too.

So you start doing some stuff.

You start exercising and hit the diet. It’s a struggle to change. Every day feels like a battle as you deprive yourself of all the things you deserve.

One of two things happens here. Either you throw in the towel and go back to stage 1, but remain painfully aware that you’re not where you want to be. Or you find a way to make it through to stage 3.

Stage 3: the new me

If you do things right in stage 2 you’ll graduate through to stage 3. Not everyone makes it here. But when you do it’s a good place.

You no longer have to do battle with old habits. Your new routines become the norm. You’re putting different food in your shopping basket and making better choices at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Your fitness routine is just a part of life now. It’s not a chore like it used to be in the early days. But something you miss when you don’t do.

Your body is completely different at stage 3 and reflects how your exercise and eating habits have changed over time. You’re in great shape and feel good about what you’ve achieved.

Stuck in the yo-yo cycle

Most people bounce back and forth between stage 1 & 2. Not caring. Then feeling fed up and launching into action. Doing battle with old habits. Eating better. Exercising regularly. But struggling through it all alone.

Then they miss a meal, then a workout. Get caught out, have a setback and before you know it they’re back where they started. Back to stage 1; Weighing more than they want. Clothes being to tight. But putting up with it… For now, until the next holiday, reunion, birthday or wedding comes up.

Getting from 2 to stage 3

So how do you level up to stage 3 and reap the benefits of ‘the new me’? How do you end the constant struggle of wanting to change your body, your health, your fitness and finally make the breakthrough?

In the last 10 years of observing those who successfully transformed themselves and their body I’ve identified 3 must-have components:

  1. having the knowledge of all the areas that needed to be addressed (exercise, nutrition, supplementation)
  2. having a workable plan that integrates all the elements required to be successful
  3. having a support system (coaching) in place to help maintain focus and work through the challenges that come up

Everyone I’ve seen make it to stage 3 and realised their ‘new me’ has had all three of these in place. And anytime one of the above elements has been missing then it’s a constant battle bouncing between indifference and struggle.

So my recommendation for you? If you constantly find yourself struggling to get in shape, but never seem to make it happen then take a look at the 3 components above. Ask yourself honestly;

  • Do I really have the knowledge I need about how to exercise, what to eat and what supplements I need to take to achieve the results I want?

if yes then take a look at #2

  • Do I have a workable plan to follow to help me reach my goal?

if yes then take a look at #3

  • Do I have a support system in place, a coach to guide me through? To help me stay focused, and help me work through the challenges I know I’m going to face along the way.

If you can answer yes to all three then I know you’re either where you want to be, or well on the way.

If not then take a look at what’s missing. Whatever it is, know that I created the Diligent Fitness Programme to help you. We’ll provide the knowledge, the workable plan and the support to get you to stage 3; to reach your ‘new me’.

Book your complimentary fitness consultation right now and let’s put a stop to the struggle.

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