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Kippers for breakfast? No thanks!

22nd November 2013 by Lyz Igwe Nutrition 0 comments

kippersWho exactly has time to cook up a few kippers on a Tuesday morning? Quite apart from stinking the house out and then carefully picking your way through the gazillion tiny bones, most of us just about manage to grab a cup of tea and slice of toast as an afterthought as we rush out of the door. Conclusion, kippers are best left to a lazy Sunday breakfast away in a hotel!

I can only presume that the person who submitted the subject of “kippers for breakfast makes me so cross – I have time for tea and toast” has been advised to eat protein for breakfast and kippers was made as a recommendation/suggestion.

Toast to kippers is a big leap in so many ways; time commitment, taste, preparation to mention a few. So how about we get back to some more realistic ways of ‘beefing up’ breakfasts that fit in with ‘real life’.

The 5 minute option

toast-banana-peanut-butterIf you’re managing some toast at the moment let’s start there – you could improve this by having wholemeal bread with good old fashioned butter on it instead of margarine or other spreads. If you’re doing that already, then switch to a nut butter (sugar-free) and sliced banana.

If you’re more of a cereal person then switching to porridge would be a great next step. If you’re already at the microwave a sachet stage, then swap it up to some real rolled oats. Next step add some chopped nuts and a dollop of yogurt.

The 10 minute option

If you can find an extra five minutes then go for a small tub of plain yogurt with a handful of berries and a few nuts – advance that by sprinkling on some flax seeds.

The 20 minute option

omeletteIf you’ve got a little more time again – maybe at the weekend – go for a scrambled/poached egg with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms. Advance that to an omelette with diced red peppers, tomatoes, spinach and a sprinkle of cheese.

A couple of slices of bacon is fine every once in a while – just watch the salt and preservatives – and for the brave, treat yourself to some smoked salmon.

The ‘I’m already out of the door’ option

super-shakeIf you’re really struggling for time then a super shake is a great breakfast to take with you on the go. I’ve left this one until last as it’s the one most likely to make you think ‘it’s not for me’ however many people I’ve heard say that have had a complete turnaround in thinking once they’ve tried it. It really is so quick and easy.

Blend a banana, 250ml of rice/nut/oat milk, a heaped teaspoon of nut butter, a handful of spinach and a scoop of protein powder. 45 seconds and you’re out of the door. Up the nutritional stakes by adding a tablespoon of flax seeds before blending and if you prefer a thicker creamier texture go for some ice cubes too. If you don’t like bananas and milk (a common objection) then try juicing some apples, carrots, ginger and greens then adding half an avocado with the protein powder before blending.

If you’ve got any handy tips to share on what you have for a fast, protein rich breakfast please do in the comments box below.

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