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Gym Challenge – February

30th January 2014 by Lyz Igwe Exercise, Gym challenges 0 comments

Plank with hands on medicine ball

If you have a spare five mins in the gym give this a go… the idea is to test and improve your balance and core stability skills. You’ll need to be able to hold a full plank position (on your toes) on the floor for 30 seconds before trying this

Level 1: Plank on medicine ball

Put both of your hands on the medicine ball and hold plank position for 30 seconds.


Level 2: Plank on medicine ball with alternate leg lift

Once you’ve mastered the standard plank hold, progress by lifting your right leg 1 inch off the floor, pause for a second, and rest it down. Do the same with your left leg and repeat ten times on each leg alternating between left and right as you go.


Level 3: Plank on medicine ball with mountain climber

Once you can do the alternate leg lifts consistently, progress onto mountain climbers – hold the plank position with hands on the medicine ball and bring your right knee up towards your chest, keeping your knee close to the floor, and then return to plank position. Repeat with your left leg – build up to ten repetitions on each leg alternating as you go.


Level 4: Plank on medicine ball with sliding disk mountain climbers

Progress the mountain climber by using a sliding disk under each foot.


Let us know how you get on!

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