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Gym Challenge – July 2015

Bosu Squat to Press Here’s one to test your balance… The Bosu squat to press challenge starts with a standing overhead barbell press while standing on the bosu and progresses to a squat to press with 10kg slam ball. You’ll have likely done both versions of this exercise on terra firma but adding an unstable […]

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Gym Challenge – June 2015

Bosu & Med Ball Plank Here’s one to test your core strength and coordination! The Bosu and medicine ball plank is about progressing through the levels. You’ve probably done the Plank a hundred times, one way to make the exercise a little more challenging is to add an unstable surface – or in this case […]

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Gym Challenge – May 2015

Bosu front squat Here’s one to test your balance! The Bosu front squat is about progressing through the levels with impeccable technique, rather than competing to lift the heaviest weights possible at any cost: Level 1 is standing still on the Bosu for 20 seconds without either side of the Bosu ‘plate’ touching  the floor. […]

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Gym Challenge – March 2015

Dumbbell lateral raise & 20 second hold Here’s one for your shoulders – it’s gonna burn a bit The idea is to hold the heaviest dumbbells you can out to your side, with your arms straight for 20 secs. Each ‘go’ is one, 20 second rep. [list type=”arrow2″] Make sure you’ve done your warm up; […]

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Gym challenge – February 2015

20 second isometric front hold with dumbbell Grit and determination required for this one – it’ll test your stamina an strength. You might have seen the ‘Thor’s Hammer’ event on Europe’s Strongest Man, well this is a similar idea. You hold the heaviest dumbbell you can out in front of you for 20 seconds (Thor’s […]

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Gym Challenge – December

4th December 2014 by Lyz Igwe Gym challenges 0 Comments

Bungee Cord Sprint Make your legs faster. Build acceleration and faster reaction times. The idea is to do as many shuttle run sprints as you can in 60 seconds, whilst attached to the bungee cord to provide resistance. Each go is one, one minute set – this would work as a replacement for one of […]

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Gym Challenge – November

3rd November 2014 by Lyz Igwe Gym challenges 0 Comments

Overhead barbell push press Test your strength endurance The idea is to do as many overhead push presses as you can in 1 minute with 50% of your body-weight. The main muscles this works are the shoulders and other muscles are quadriceps and triceps. Each go is one, one minute set – this would work […]

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Gym Challenge – October

Heavy sled push Test your power – see how much you can push! This is simply (!) pushing the sled/prowler the length of the ropes in the gym with as much added weight as you can move. Your power comes from your legs and hips (not arms) and the idea is to move the weight […]

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Gym Challenge – September

Vertical Jump / Sargent Jump Test Test your leg muscles elastic strength and power output! This is a test of muscular power, often used in fitness testing. The Sargent jump test consists of measuring the difference between your maximum vertical reach before jumping and at the highest point during a jump. Typically, you swing your […]

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Gym Challenge – August

Underhand Forward Slam Ball Throw Test your athletic potential! According to T Nation doing this with a medicine ball is the best exercise to test athleticism. It’s used by some strength coaches to test athletes in a sports like football, hockey, basketball, or baseball, for athletic potential. We’re doing it with a slam ball to […]

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