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Gym Challenge – September

Vertical Jump / Sargent Jump Test

Test your leg muscles elastic strength and power output!

This is a test of muscular power, often used in fitness testing. The Sargent jump test consists of measuring the difference between your maximum vertical reach before jumping and at the highest point during a jump. Typically, you swing your arms downwards and backwards, assuming a crouching position, pause momentarily to get balance, and then leap as high as possible, swinging the arms forcefully forwards and upwards.

Sargent Jump Test

Do you normal warm-ups before trying this…

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  • Stand side on to the wall and keeping both feet remaining on the ground, reach up as high as possible with one hand and stick the blue-tack on the wall with the tips of your fingers
  • Next, from a static position, jump as high as possible and stick the ‘tab’ on the wall
  • We’ll then measure the distance between the two marks and that’s your vertical jump measurement that goes on the leader board.


Once you’ve got your measurement, look at this chart to see how you rate…


excellent >60 >55
good 50-60 45-55
average 40-49 35-44
fair 30-39 25-34
poor <30 <25


The Sargent Jump Test also known as the vertical jump test, was developed by Dr. Dudley Allen Sargent (1849-1924). The objective being to monitor the development of the athlete’s elastic leg strength.

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