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Gym challenge – February 2015

19th February 2015 by Lyz Igwe Exercise, Gym challenges 0 comments

20 second isometric front hold with dumbbell

Grit and determination required for this one – it’ll test your stamina an strength.

You might have seen the ‘Thor’s Hammer’ event on Europe’s Strongest Man, well this is a similar idea. You hold the heaviest dumbbell you can out in front of you for 20 seconds (Thor’s Hammer is 25kgs and they had to hold it for as long as possible).


Dan’s kindly modelling this month because I’m in shoulder rehab!

Each ‘go’ is one, 20 second rep. Please only do this on the grey flooring in the weights area away from the mirrors – just in case you need to drop the dumbbell.

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  • Make sure you’ve done your warm up; but you could do this before or after your workout
  • The idea is to progress the weight you can hold over each of the 4 weeks of the challenge so start with something you’re fairly confident you can hold for the full 20 seconds
  • Use a wall to make sure you’re standing straight with your head, bum and shoulders touching it, feet hip width apart, hold the dumbbell vertically, arms straight out in front of you
  • Hold for 20 seconds without your arms dipping
  • If your arms dip or your your bum/shoulders/head leave the wall then your rep is over – maybe try again with a lighter load…
  • We’ll record your scores on the leader board so keep trying to improve throughout the month 🙂


The leader board is up in the gym.


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