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Gym Challenge – March 2015

2nd April 2015 by Lyz Igwe Gym challenges 0 comments

Dumbbell lateral raise & 20 second hold

Here’s one for your shoulders – it’s gonna burn a bit

dan-lateral-raiseThe idea is to hold the heaviest dumbbells you can out to your side, with your arms straight for 20 secs.

Each ‘go’ is one, 20 second rep.

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  • Make sure you’ve done your warm up; but you could do this before or after your workout
  • The idea is to progress the weight you can hold over each of the 4 weeks of the challenge so start with something you’re fairly confident you can hold for the full 20 seconds
  • Grab two dumbbells, one in each hand and hold in neutral grip (palms facing) with arms down at your sides
  • Shoulders down and pulled back, abs braced, bum clenched (your body shouldn’t move, just your arms)
  • Raise your arms up so they’re horizontally level with your shoulders
  • Hold for 20 seconds without your arms dipping
  • If your arms dip below shoulders or your body moves, you’re out! …Maybe try again with a lighter load
  • We’ll record your scores on the leader board so keep trying to improve throughout the month 🙂


The leader board is up in the gym.


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