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Gym Challenge – June 2015

Bosu & Med Ball Plank

Here’s one to test your core strength and coordination!

bosu and med ball plank

The Bosu and medicine ball plank is about progressing through the levels. You’ve probably done the Plank a hundred times, one way to make the exercise a little more challenging is to add an unstable surface – or in this case two and ultimately three! Master balance with perfect plank technique as you go – and the end game is to add some dynamic movement in there as well.

We’re working on the assumption that you’re already proficient at performing a plank for at least 30 seconds with correct technique i.e. hips, shoulders and back of head in a straight line.

Level 1 is holding the plank position for 30 seconds with hands on Bosu (ball side up), arms straight and both feet on one medicine ball with straight legs. To complete the level, no part of you must touch the floor and there be minimal movement of your body generally.

Level 2 is progressing to using two medicine balls – one under each foot – then holding the plank position for 30 seconds with hands on Bosu (ball side up) and arms straight as before. Same rules apply.

Level 3 is essentially the same as level two except your going to do the mountain climber (hip flexion) movement. So get in the same position as for level 2 and drag your left foot and the med ball in, and then out again. Switch to do the same on your right leg. Rinse and repeat five times on each leg to successfully complete the challenge.

Good luck – the progress tracker is up in the studio.

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