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Repeated Fat Loss Failure

Nothing is more demoralising (and confidence sapping) than trying to do something and failing repeatedly. Take losing weight. Sometimes you battle on for years.

Gain weight, feel disgusted, do diet, lose weight, lose motivation, gain weight.

changing your body can feel like a never ending struggle

changing your body can feel like a never ending struggle

It’s easy to get stuck in this cycle for years. And even feel resigned to the idea that this is just how it’s going to be for you.

You’ve tried everything. And nothing works. So you feel like giving up.

Sometimes you need to have nothing to lose

A close friend of mine, Josh went through a similar try-fail sequence with trying to lose some excess bodyfat – particularly around his waist.

In his head he’d tried everything to lose the weight and get rid of that fat. But time after time he’d see a little success, get knocked back and struggle to make progress.

He’d read everything on health, fitness and nutrition.

In his mind he’d implemented everything that needed to be done.

  1. He’d workout 3-4 times per week.
  2. He ate a ‘healthy’ diet.

And felt like there was nothing more he could do to see the changes in his body he was looking for.

People had reached out to offer help and support. But he’d ignored the offers, believing he should be able to do it by himself. He continued to struggle on alone with minimal success.

Hitting rock bottom

Several months ago Josh hit the end of the line. He felt like he had nothing left to lose. Carrying on in the direction he was headed was not an option. He was fed up with his lack of results for all the effort he was putting in.

The day Josh realised he was willing to blow it all up and walk away was the day that turned things around.

The first thing he had to do was accept that while he knew a fair bit about health and fitness he maybe didn’t know enough about all the components required to achieve the fat loss goals he’d set.

He had to put his ego aside and be ready to learn from someone who had a track record of the kind of success he was looking for himself. In short he hired a personal trainer to help him clarify his goals and start working towards them.

Is getting help throwing in the towel?

Hiring a trainer was a big thing for Josh. He somehow felt like getting help was admitting defeat.

Even after signing up he felt hesitant about the whole process. What would his trainer ask him to do? Would he like it? Would it work?

He was so used to struggling through by himself, doing everything his own way that he was a little scared about whether he was even going to be able to do what his trainer asked of him.

But he put his head-trash aside, jumped in and put into practice everything his trainer recommended.

You don't have to struggle by yourself

You don’t have to struggle by yourself

Within 4 weeks of diving into the programme Josh started to see the results he was looking for. He felt more motivated, put in more effort and saw more returns as a result.

Seeing results helps you stay motivated

He couldn’t believe the success he was having. And what he was doing wasn’t even drastically different from what he thought he’d been doing before.

But there were 2 big differences.

  1. consistency
  2. accountability

Previously if something hadn’t given an instant result Josh had written it off as not working. But because he knew his personal trainer was going to ask him about the stuff he’d committed to working on he kept doing it, each and every day.

And often it was the last days effort that gave the result. The very point at which he’d normally give up. But the accountability he felt kept him going.

Having a trainer will double your progress

After 2 months of working with his trainer Josh had pretty much doubled the amount of progress he’d made towards his goals in the 2 years prior.

He could see noticeable changes in his physique and even the outlines of the abs that he hadn’t seen in years.

Not only that, he was enjoying the process.

A huge relief came from not having to figure out everything by himself. That he was no longer alone, and he had a proven plan and a support network in place gave him hope that he’d reach the goals he’d set.

Not only that, but he’d already started looking at the next stage, considering bigger goals that he’d NEVER dared to even think were possible for him before he’d started with his trainer.

Have you been denying yourself the very thing that will help you get unstuck?

Have you been trying to change something for months, maybe years, but been in a constant back and forth struggle?

Do you feel like you tried everything, but keep failing to finally achieve the health, fitness and body you really want?

There’s a couple of options. You can keep on struggling, indefinitely. Telling yourself that you can do this by yourself.

Or, you can get some help with a tried and tested programme along with the guidance and support to help you navigate around the pitfalls. Point out the best path and save you months – possibly years – of trial, error and repeated failure.

I can speak passionately about this because I’ve felt it first hand. I’ve been through the same struggles Josh had with his body with my personal training studio.

If you’re unhappy with how your body is right now (whether that’s how healthy it is, how fit or how toned) then make the resolution to invest in yourself.

You don’t have to struggle by yourself

It’s time to give yourself a break and stop trying to do this by yourself. You don’t have to. Just know that failure isn’t defined by asking for help.

Failure is letting your ego prevent you from taking the steps you need to make progress.

Failure is listening to that voice inside you that keeps telling you that you should be able to do this by yourself.

You don’t have to listen to that voice anymore. It’s time to get the help and support that’ll fast track your progress and get you moving closer to achieving the body you want

We’re here to help

So often it’s our own head-trash that gets in our way. If you’re anything like Josh (or me) it takes hitting rock bottom before you commit to change. And it can be the best thing that ever happens.

Only then do you feel motivated enough to try anything. To commit to doing what it takes. And only then can you see what you’re really capable of achieving.

Ready to take the next step and finally get your body as healthy, fit and toned as you want and deserve? Register for a complimentary fitness consultation today and let’s get started.


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