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Gym Challenge – August

Underhand Forward Slam Ball Throw

Test your athletic potential!

According to T Nation doing this with a medicine ball is the best exercise to test athleticism. It’s used by some strength coaches to test athletes in a sports like football, hockey, basketball, or baseball, for athletic potential. We’re doing it with a slam ball to minimise potential for accidents and injury to others and the gym!

Swing a 5kg slam ball (green one) between your legs and throw it forward as far as you can. Just so you know… apparently a 15-metre throw is a decent result, while 19 metres would be excellent. To put that in context… I managed 6 metres!

Please only try this when supervised – I know that sounds a bit silly but we’ve had more than one incident lately of medicine balls being used instead of slam balls and Kieran is worried about black eyes and balls accidentally being thrown upwards and taking out one of the lights!

slam ball throw

According to Christian Thibaudeau, the guy that wrote the article about this kind of athletic testing, overall strength training will improve your results and specifically very heavy kettlebell (KB) swings (we’re talking 90kgs/200lbs!!!!), Olympic power cleans, snatches and high pulls (where you pull a weight e.g. KB from the floor up to your chest). Practicing your throws will help you to transfer the gains from your strength training to the explosive throwing movement!

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