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Gym Challenge – December

4th December 2014 by Lyz Igwe Gym challenges 0 comments

Bungee Cord Sprint

Make your legs faster. Build acceleration and faster reaction times.

The idea is to do as many shuttle run sprints as you can in 60 seconds, whilst attached to the bungee cord to provide resistance.

Each go is one, one minute set – this would work as a replacement for one of your sets of finisher…

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  • Make sure you’re properly warmed up
  • One of the instructors will attach the bungee cord to the cable machine and show you how to fasten/adjust the belt
  • Standing with both feet behind the blue foam roller (this will be set out for you) assume your starting position!
  • Sprint forwards and when you reach the first ‘rung’ of the ladder, bend down and touch the white line with both hands
  • Then run backwards back to your starting position – this counts as one rep
  • Both feet must start and finish behind the line and both hands touch the white line – otherwise the rep doesn’t count
  • Rinse and repeat until your minute is up
  • We’ll put your score on the leader board but feel free to keep trying to improve throughout the month 🙂


The leader board is up in the gym.

This is our latest bit of equipment and is actually called a GUN-eX Rocket. Check out some of the stuff you can look forward to doing with it in the not too distant future!!!

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