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Struggling to Lose Weight, Even Though You ‘Eat Healthily’? Here’s What to Do

23rd February 2016 by Kieran Igwe Motivation, Nutrition 0 comments

I want share a few ideas on what to do when weight loss stalls (or never starts!). Plus, if you already eat healthily, but aren’t losing weight you’ll discover the best 20 minutes you’ll ever spend.

Is Your Weight Stuck-

First off just know that your body responds to inputs. And like it or no those inputs shape how you look and feel.

The inputs you’ve given it over the last few months have determined any changes (or lack of change) you’ve seen in your body.

You can’t control your body, but you can control the inputs

As far as diet goes there are two fundamental inputs: Food Quality (what you eat) and Food Quantity (how much you eat).

I’ve mentioned before about how food quality affects your body composition (how much fat you hold, how you look and your circumference measurements/clothing size).

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Okay so food quality affects how you look and feel. Food quantity affects how much you weigh.

So if you’re not losing weight and you’re already consistent with food quality then it’s time to look at food quantity.

My two favourite ways of tackling food quantity:

We’ve got two options for eating the right amount of food to lose weight.

1. track your intake with some kind of food diary (can be tedious)

2. shave a little off each meal (better option to start with)

#1. draws attention to some areas for potential improvement. Just tracking intake makes you think twice about eating stuff. As a result you’ll likely eat less and start losing weight.

And if you don’t lose weight, you’ve got a record of what’ll help you maintain (If maintaining isn’t cool see #2).

#2. Eating a little less at each meal is easier said than done. These are habits of a lifetime we’re fighting against.

But when you eat even just a mouthful less than you normally would, across 4 meals a day over 7 days a week… it’ll make a difference.

Stop at 80% full for best weight loss results

Stopping at ‘80% full’ is the one thing, when mastered, that will have the biggest impact on the scale.

Pie Chart 80 Percent

In practice this means stopping just a little earlier than you normally would. Let me break it down:

  1. – Stopping when bursting (110% full) = gain weight rapidly
  1. – Stopping when full (100%) = gain weight slowly
  1. – Stopping when satisfied (90% full) = maintain current weight
  1. – Stopping when could eat more (80% full) = steady weight loss

Warning: When you first practice stopping at 80% full you may still feel a little hungry. But don’t worry, this’ll pass.

As the food hits your stomach and has a chance to signal to your brain that food’s on board the perception of hunger will pass.

And within 15-20 mins you’ll feel satisfied.

The best 20 minutes you’ll ever spend for weight loss

So my recommendation? Distract yourself for 15-20 mins with something else (go for a walk, check Facebook, do the washing up, play with the kids, dive back into work or whatever it takes).

A little extreme... but it might just work

A little extreme… but it might just work

20 minutes down the line the food in your tummy will give the thumbs up to your brain, indicating that it’s all good, you are satisfied and don’t need to eat again for a few hours.

[Special note for any hunger-phobes]: Worse case, if you’re still hungry 15-20 minutes later then cool, just have an extra spoon of yoghurt or something.


While ‘eating healthily’ will get you looking better, feeling better and generally being more vital, it’s not guaranteed to change the number on the scale.

If you’re eating healthily and still not losing weight then portion control (food quantity) needs addressing.

Serving up slightly smaller portions, leaving a little on the plate or being vigilant and not eating the little extras that creep in under the radar all work.

All it requires is picking a strategy, (either tracking what you eat or eating a little less at each meal) and committing to practicing it. And I’m confident you’ll see the number on the scale start to drop.

Want a cool tool to help you lose weight?

Download the Fatloss Nutrition Checklist.

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Keep it close at hand as a reminder of the steps you can take to lose weight and transform how you look and feel.

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