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Ever suffered “food regret”?

Was chatting to one of the guys last week about this very topic. In this case eating a dessert when she didn’t really want or need it.

She was frustrated that she kept undermining her efforts in the gym for a moment of instant gratification.

She was giving into impulses that she’d always regret.

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Here’s the thing. Everyone gets hijacked by impulse. But there’s a subtle difference between those who give in and those who stay true to their goals.

The key to beating impulses you regret:

Nine times out of ten if you can put the impulse off for a moment – you’re winning.

Like if you’re in the supermarket and the urge to grab your favourite biscuits strikes.

Notice it. Then practice delaying it.

Tell yourself you can still have the biscuits (or whatever). But you’re going to finish the rest of the shopping first.

If you still want them at the end then cool, go grab ‘em.

In a restaurant

When you’ve decided you’re not having a dessert, then someone else orders and you’re just about to cave. Notice the impulse. Practice delaying. Let the waiter go.

Remember, you can always call him back if you really do want a dessert. It just buys you a moment to make a decision rather than reacting to an impulse that isn’t in line with your long term goals.

Practice not giving into to immediate impulse and it’ll make a huge difference towards seeing progress.

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