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The biggest challenge you’ll face getting in shape

I’ve been reading a great book; the Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. Ever heard of it?


It highlights one of the biggest challenges you’ll face getting in shape:

The results of your actions won’t be apparent at the end of the today. Nor tomorrow. Heck, probably not even by the end of the week.

Day to day you won’t see any measurable difference between making a choice that’s 1% better or 1% worse.


For example; if you ate half a bag of crisps at lunch instead of the usual full bag you’re probably not going to look any different.

The scale won’t of budged. Your clothes won’t feel any different. At least not today.

It’s only after the compounding effect of time that you start to see the benefit (or downside) of your daily choices.

If you’re not seeing instant results…

Everything you do on the diet and exercise front is either moving you towards the health, fitness and body you want or further away.

When you’re making better exercise and nutrition choices than you have previously just know that it is having an impact.

But in the short term the results will look the same.



Soul destroying? Perhaps. But when you understand that what you’re doing is slowly working it makes it easier to stick with it.

So what’s it going to be?

Just like in the timeline above, your results from your daily habits will accumulate. Either for or against you.

The beauty is you get to decide which way you want things to go. (If you don’t decide the default direct is rarely positive!).

So, decide which direction you want to head. Then act accordingly today.

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