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The Fat Loss Implementation Checklist

One of the girls at the gym had been working out hard for several months.

She’d been putting up her weights, increasing the intensity of her workouts and really felt like she was doing everything right and due some good results.

When it came to measurement time the tape measure thought otherwise. After a few questions it was clear that while the gym workouts were going well, the diet remained the same.

And unfortunately, if the goal is to lose more than a couple of pounds the diet will always need a little attention.

The ‘going to keep you stuck’ mindset

Heck, I’ve seen people killing themselves in the gym 5 times a week for a month and see no change with their measurements.

All that hard work tricked them into a sense of entitlement. They had the mindset that because they were working so hard in the gym they deserved to eat whatever they want.

And that’s fair enough. But it’s the wrong mindset for transforming your body.

The ‘going to get you results’ mindset 

Whenever I’m talking to someone about their progress this is what I love to hear:

“If I’m investing my time and effort in my workouts I’m damn sure not going to ruin it by eating crappy food”


“I’m pushing my body hard in the gym, so I want to back that up with eating only the kind of food that supports my goals”.

You know why I love hearing this? because anytime someone says something along those lines there are visable changes in their body the next time we check in.

For fat loss definitely exercise… but please, eat some vegetables too

If the goal is to change how our body looks the truth is – no matter how hard we train, or how often we workout – it’s too easy for a few poor food choices to stop you seeing progress.

Fat loss is hard. It goes against what our body naturally wants to do given the environment we live in (sedentary lifestyle + abundance of food = sneaky fat gain).

So if you’re fed up of looking in the mirror and not being happy with what you see it’s time to admit that what you’re currently doing isn’t getting you what you want.

Sorry to be blunt about this. But I know from experience that if you’re not at rock bottom, not feeling so disappointed with how you are right now you probably won’t be willing to make any of the changes required.

(Oh, and if you’re already working on it then great, keep up the awesome work!)

But if you’re totally fed up and are ready to do something a little different in your life to start seeing some progress I’d like to share a tool to help you to either get started, or get back on track.

The Fat Loss Implementation Checklist

If you need something to help you focus your efforts check out the fat loss implementation checklist.

(Simply note a few of these down and stick on your fridge at home):

  • 1. Are you eating 4-5 meals each day? yes / no
  • 2. Are you eating starchy and sugary carbohydrates only after earning them with exercise? yes / no
  • 3. Are you including a palm sized serving of protein with each meal you eat? yes / no
  • 4. Are you taking a omega 3 fish oil supplement and multivitamin each day? yes / no
  • 5. Have you set a limit to the amount of alcohol you’re going to consume each week… and stuck to it? yes / no
  • 6. Have you minimized your intake of calorie containing beverages to between 0-1 per day (fruit juices, fizzy drinks, flat whites etc)? yes / no
  • 7. Are you drinking enough water each day? (your bodyweight in KG multiplied by 0.033 gives you how many litres to aim for) yes / no
  • 8. Have you been having a recovery shake right after your workouts? yes / no
  • 9. Have you been tracking your daily intake? (either on paper or with an app like MyFitnessPal) yes / no
  • 10. Have you set an upper limit for calories and stuck to it each day? yes / no


  • 1. Have you been doing strength training exercises 2-3 times per week? yes / no
  • 2. Have you completed 2 cardiovascular training sessions per week? yes / no
  • 3. Are you upping your weights gradually every workout or so? yes / no
  • 4. Are you warming up before every workout? yes / no
  • 5. Are you cooling down and stretching after every workout? yes / no

Now, there’s a lot to work on here. A good 6-12 months of new habits to work on depending on where you’re at.

your checklist might look something like this

your checklist might look something like this

The good news is, if you’re doing none of it you could pick any one of these and it’ll get you to start seeing some results. And if you’ve been at this for a while you’ll probably notice a few places you’ve let it slide.

In either case, I’d recommend setting your focus on one area and commit to tackling it today.

(If you need a little extra commitment to keep you accountable put it out there on the DF FaceBook page. We’d love to know what you’re working on!).


Sometimes we feel like we’re doing everything we can and still aren’t losing fat. That’s where the Fat Loss Implementation Checklist comes in.

Check yourself against the list and if you answer ‘No’ to any of the questions that’s at least one thing you can start doing right now to get you moving in the right direction.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

When you see it all laid out it can seem like changing your body is a huge mountain to climb. Fear not. You don’t have to do it all at once. And you don’t have to do it alone.

The DF Accelerated Results programme is designed to break down the process into manageable parts. And our coaching team is here to guide you step by step through the entire body transformation journey.

If you’re ready to lose between 10-40lbs of bodyfat Book your free fitness consultation now and discover how working together we’ll get you the body you want and deserve.

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