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Exercise of the Week: Plank Row

6th September 2013 by Lyz Igwe Exercise 0 comments

Doing the plank for firmer abs can get pretty boring. And once you can hold for a minute it means you’re ready for something a little more challenging to take your abs to the next level.

So today’s exercise of the week is a challenging progression – the plank row!

Level: Advanced

Areas worked: Core, shoulders, upper back

kettlebell plank row 1 (2)

kettlebell plank row 2 (2)

Key points:

– Keep straight line from head to foot

– Body shouldn’t move when you row the weight


Set & Reps:

Complete 10 repetitions with one arm then switch sides and repeat.

Complete for 2 total sets on each side


To make easier: Prop supporting arm on a higher surface, like a bench

To make harder: use a heavier weight

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