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One Simple Tip to Make Sitting at Your Desk Way More Comfortable

4th September 2013 by Kieran Igwe Health & wellbeing 0 comments

Ok, Ok, we get it. We’re supposed to sit straight – especially when working for long periods. And we know that if we don’t, we can expect a whole load of aches and pains .

The problem is it’s just more comfortable to slouch, at least in the short term. And when we’re engrossed in work it’s hard to remember to sit up straight every few minutes.

Even knowing what I do about spinal health and good posture, I still find myself adopting a few of these throughout the day:


Anyway’s I’ve finally found a way to make sitting so much more comfortable.

Being a strong believer in changing our environment to change behaviour I went about finding something that’d make it easier, and more comfortable to sit with good posture than to slouch.

Enter the McKenzie lumbar support:

lumbar support

When I added this lil’ support to my chair I noticed I didn’t have to think about sitting up straight every few minutes. And when I did think about my posture I was like ‘oh… I’m already straight!’

It helps support the natural arch in the lower back, without having to continually be thinking about sitting tall, or having a constant awareness of an achy back.

Could you just use a cushion?

Before investing in this I’d tried using a JML back support (which was terrible), a rolled up towel, a cushion and even a couple of tennis balls taped together. The most annoying thing was having to keep readjusting every time I got up, or sat down. And I could never get the same consistent support.

The strap on the McKenzie lumbar support keeps it in place, and it has maintained it shape well for the month I’ve been using it.

Does it work on other chairs?

I tried the support on an armchair at home, and in my car but it doesn’t work so well. It needs a hard back chair to work best. The chair I bought from Ikea (nominell swivel chair with armrests shown above) has worked a treat.

Where can I get one?

I got mine from



So, if you’re looking for a simple way to improve your posture and reduce the aches and pains associated with sitting at a desk all day give the McKenzie lumbar roll a try!


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