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Exercise of the Week: Barbell Complex 1

30th August 2013 by Lyz Igwe Exercise 0 comments

At the gym we finish workouts with something called a ‘finisher’ (OK, so we ran out of creative names).

Basically it’s an exercise or group of exercises that get the heart rate up, burn some calories and tend to be more fun and engaging than using cardio machines.

If you’re up for mixing up your normal routine try throwing this barbell complex in at the end of your workout.

Disclaimer: I’m going to suggest only doing this with exercises you’re familiar with. And if you suffer from back pain this maybe isn’t a good one for you just now.

Barbell complex 1:

Complete 5 repetitions of each exercise with no rest between.

Rest for a minute after complete all 6 exercises

Deadlift x5 reps
Bent Over Row x5 reps
Hang Clean x5 reps
Front Squat x5 reps
Push Press x5 reps
Reverse Lunge (left) x5 reps
Reverse Lunge (right) x5 reps

Rest 60 seconds then repeat for 3 total sets

8 minutes, how hard can it be?

Well, the bead of sweat (ok I was dripping!) on my post demo selfie says it all…

ki sweat 1

Taged in

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