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Getting Rid of Back Pain – interview with Dr Martyn B Speight

Pain’s frustrating. At best it’s a minor niggle. But left unchecked it can put a stop to us staying in shape or playing the sport we love.

When it comes to resolving pain I’m yet to find someone more knowledgeable (and more in demand!) than Dr Martyn B Speight.  He’s a musculoskeletal & sports physician and medical osteopath.

If you’re struggling with ongoing aches and pains that just aren’t getting better then Dr Speight probably has the answer. In today’s post I wanted to share my interview with Dr Speight on resolving back pain and the main things we tend to overlook.


          8 key points from the interview:

1. If you’re 55 plus and start with back pain and you’re not sure why, it’s worth getting it checked out – people rarely start having musculoskeletal back pain after age 55

2. Non-musculoskeletal problems can masquerade as musculoskeletal pain.

3. Big reason people aren’t getting better: no-one has sat down and taken a comprehensive history – 80% of resolving MSK problems is in the history

4. Evidence now indicates that best results in treating back pain come from combination of manual therapy and exercise

5. It’s key to differentiate between the primary pain generator, what’s causing the problem and what are the secondary issues

6. What we perceive as hurting isn’t always what’s generating the pain – referral patterns of tendons, ligaments, periostium and bone are huge

7. Mobilizations need to be backed up with exercise to help stabilize. Otherwise relief from manipulation will be temporary and the pain will come back

8. It could be psychosocial issues that are preventing us from being pain free. If this is the case then physical treatments won’t be effective

Dr Martyn B SpeightYou can find out more about Dr Martyn Speight at

or call the Wharfedale Clinic on 01943 850950

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