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7 Hidden Benefits Of Walking I Never Expected

21st August 2013 by Kieran Igwe Exercise 0 comments

Ask me a year ago if I’d consider my self a walker and I would’ve laughed. I didn’t walk anywhere. I even used to drive to the tesco express that I could see from my back garden.

That all changed January this year; with the goal of getting on top of my aches and pains I started walking to work (my renault clio and long legs just aren’t compatible!). While it certainley helped on the aches and pains front it’s become one of my favourite parts of the day – and my days are already pretty cool!

The Perks

1. My petrol costs are down from £20/week to £20/month

2. I feel more awake and switched on when I arrived at work.

3. I’m not cold all the time (my hands and feet always used to be cold).

4. I get to listen to an extra business/educational book each week.

5. I feel more refreshed when I get home in the evenings (so I’m more patient and can be more attentive).

6. The 30 minute walk home gives me time to unwind and put the days events to bed.

7. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve even been able to forage myself breakfast on the way to work (true story)


If you’re thinking of walking a little more – even if it’s for 5 minutes a day – here are a few things that’ve made walking more enjoyable for me:

Choose a peaceful route

I started off walking the direct route to work (down the ring road). The noise of the traffic made it less than ideal. So I experimented with a couple of different routes and found one with slightly nicer views

yella field

Use  a comfortable bag

I use a small berghaus rucksack, which fits a laptop, notepad, diary, coat, lunchboxes, water bottle, shorts and tshirt for working out. Lyz has a crumpler bag which is way cooler and even more just as comfortable

Have a waterproof coat (with hood)

This usually ends up staying in the bag. But while it sometimes starts out sunny… it doesn’t always stay that way. I learned the hard way it’s best to be prepared!

Wear waterproof footware

The first few times it rained I almost gave up on walking. My feet got soaked! So I invested in some boots (North Face back to berkeley) which I’ve grown to love!


I used to think I was too cool to rock a pair of walking boots. One day of cold, wet feet was all I needed to convince me otherwise.

Take ipod loaded with audiobooks/favourite music

I usually listen to a business/educational audiobook on the way to work and music on the way home. Listening to new books keeps me focused, gives me new ideas and keeps me motivated. It’s like spending time each day with some of the smartest minds in the world.

bag and headphones

I use Goji on ear headphones  and an 3rd generation ipod shuffle (do the in ear headphones actually stay in anyones ears??).


While I originally started walking to work to get rid of that general stiff, achy feeling there has been numerous benefits to my overall wellbeing. I’d totally recommend it.

And if you’re thinking you’d like some of the benefits mentioned above, I’m sure a 10 minute walk at lunchtime, before driving home after work, or after dinner will yield some of the benefits too.

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