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For when you find yourself losing touch with fitness and going through the motions

You know you feel better when you exercise. You know it’s good for you and yet sometimes (ok, most of the time) exercising can feel like a chore.

So how can we make it less like something you have to do, and more like something you want to do?

Two words: performance. goal.

Adding a performance goal in the mix

A performance goal is something you think would be cool to achieve. And in working towards, has the added benefit of moving you closer to achieving your bigger, long term goals (like being fit, toned and healthy forever).

It’s like giving yourself an ‘on the way’ checkpoint to aim for. Rather than being invested only in the finish line miles off in the distance.

Performance goals make your training more meaningful

I’m sure Lyz won’t mind me putting this out there. One of her performance goals is to deadlift 100kg.

While she’s already consistent with workouts and eating habits, since setting this goal she has upped her game to a new level.

– When the question of missing a training session comes up she’s unlikely to miss.

– When there’s a choice of eating something that makes her feel sluggish or something that makes her feel energized she goes with the latter.

– And when it comes to selecting weights during a workout she’s more inclined to go heavier.

A few guidelines for your performance goal

Having a performance goal helps us keep your training sessions relevant and interesting. And it’ll help you stay focused in the short term while moving closer to your longer term health, fitness and body shape goals.

If you’re into it, your performance goal is ideally something that…

  1. You could achieve it in the next 3 to 6 months
  2. You’d enjoy the process of training for
  3. You can ask someone for help if you need direction

Selecting a relevant performance goal for you

For Lyz being strong is an appealing quality. She’s fascinated by people who are strong. So her performance goal focused on an expression of strength; lifting a heavy (100kg) weight.

getting some inspiration from a local strongman comp

getting some inspiration from europe’s strongest man

You may not be interested in being stronger. But I’m sure with a little effort we’ll find something performance related you’d like to improve.

Do you admire endurance athletes like runners or cyclists? Is adventure and exploration appealing to you? Do you think being strong is appealing?

Whatever you admire, try selecting a performance goal that’s relevant to something that’s important to you.

It doesn’t have to be something you’re already involved in, or something you‘re good at. It just needs to be something you’re interested in, and something you’d love to be able to tell yourself you’d achieved.

A few ideas for performance goals

You don’t have to dive right in at the deep end. For example, if you wanted to climb the the 3 highest mountains in the UK, probably best to start with a little hill walking in the Yorkshire dales :).

A few ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Build up to running 5k
  2. Run a 10k race
  3. Run a marathon
  1. Start lifting weights in the gym
  2. Be able to do a full push up – all the way up and down.
  3. Complete one unassisted pull up
  1. Cycle from coast to coast
  2. Complete a 100k bike ride (thanks JC)
  3. Learn to ride a bike
  1. Complete 3 of the walks from a local walking guide book
  2. Climb the big hills in the Yorkshire dales (Ingleborough, Whernside and Pen-y-ghent)
  3. Complete the National 3 peaks challenge
road to Ingleborough

road to Ingleborough from Whernside


Getting to your long term goal can seem like a long process. You’ll lose motivation often along the way. That’s totally normal. Choosing a performance goal gives you a short term finish line to aim for, keeping you focused.

It doesn’t matter how impressive your performance goal is to anyone else. Just whether you think you’d enjoy the journey and would be proud to achieve it.

With that in mind, what would be a good physical achievement for you to work towards?

Once you’ve decided if you need help getting started on your new adventure, just ask!

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