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Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

I want to introduce you to something that’s been a massive help to my progress over the years. And I’m confident it’ll help on your journey to better health and fitness too

It’s not a new exercise, or faddy diet tip.

It’s called the ‘Growth Mindset’; something I was introduced to by Psychologist Carol Dweck.

Rather than believing your abilities are fixed (also known as the ‘fixed mindset’), a growth mindset means you believe that you can – and will – improve.

Adopting a growth mindset means you’ll understand there will be periods of discomfort while you master new skills (like regular exercise and good eating habits).

But ultimately you believe with practice you’ll see progress.


Here’s the subtle difference:

Fixed mindset

  • “I’m no good at planning my meals”
  • “I can’t get to grips with this exercise”

Growth mindset 

  • “I’m no good at planning my meals… yet”
  • “I’m still getting to grips with this exercise”

So, my tip for the week;  

Anytime you notice you’re slipping into the fixed mindset, saying something like “I’ll never get in the shape I want. I can’t do this” switch it up to be something more like “I’m not in the shape I want YET. I’m working on it”.

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