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How to Get Back Into Fitness After Time Off

21st November 2016 by Kieran Igwe Exercise 0 comments

So, you’ve had some time away from fitness and now you’re looking to get back into shape.

Maybe the time off was due to an injury, illness or perhaps just a busy life taking over. In any case, here you are, ready to take the plunge!

Before you do…

Now, you might be tempted to dive back in right where you left off weeks (or maybe even years) ago.

But this approach – while admirable – almost always ends in failure.

In fact, people who’ve tried picking up where they left off tend to either give up – as it feels impossible to sustain. Or they get injured because they did too much, too soon.

Take these 4 steps to getting back into fitness to ensure a successful return:

Manage your expectations

Expect it’s going to take a while to build your fitness back up to previous levels. Obviously the more time you’ve had out, the longer it’ll take.

You’ll need to be patient to avoid disappointment. Know it’s going to take time and commit to giving your body the time it needs to re-acclimatise.

Don’t go in full throttle

If you’ve made the effort to exercise you’re gonna want to make it count, right? And you might be tempted to go in full throttle.


Instead, resist the urge to go all out on your first time back.

Because you might not know during the session that you’re overdoing it. It’s often not until afterwards that you get the message.

So be patient, go easy and build up gradually.

If you leave your first workout thinking you could’ve done more, you’ve got it just right.

Know when to progress

Once you know your body is handling the workouts okay then it’s time to up the ante.

As a general rule, if you didn’t have any adverse affects from your workout it’s okay to step it up next time.

Our body responds best to small incremental improvements, so consider step 4:

Progress as LITTLE as possible

If you’ve been doing 5 minutes cardio, just do 6. If you’ve been lifting an 8 kg weight successfully, next time try 9kg.

There’s no real benefit to bumping up the intensity too much too soon – other than a short term ego fix.

somebody didn't build up gradually!

somebody didn’t build up gradually!

Instead, increase the challenge of your workout by the smallest increment possible.


When it comes to getting back into fitness avoid disappointment by getting your expectations right. Know that it’s going to take time, and commit to the process of building up gradually.

When you respect your body, and ease in gradually you’ll be rewarded by a successful return to exercise and long term health and fitness – BOOM!

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