Gym Challenge - June - Diligent Fitness

Gym Challenge – June

30 Second Eccentric Pull-up

Something a bit different this month… a test of strength and willpower rather than balance

There’s only 1 level here – build up to 30 seconds

Start at the top of a pull-up position and slowly, but continuously, lower yourself down – the idea is to take 30 seconds to get to the bottom (starting pull-up position)

30 second eccentric pull-up

The benefits of pull-ups according to coach Bret Contreras on T NATION…

“The lats are often-overlooked spinal stabilizers, and strengthening them can lead to higher squat and deadlift numbers due to increased core-stability. Not to mention any smart powerlifter will tell you the lats are responsible for the initial bench press range of motion off the chest.”

Who knew!



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