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Here’s How to Approach Improving Your Health & Fitness Like a Pro

It’s frustrating when we’ve let our health and fitness slide. Especially when we inherently know what we should be doing (eating better, exercising more). But the problem seems to happen when it comes down to actually doing it.

If this is the case for you I want to share a couple of insights to help set you off on the right track. To help you avoid the pitfalls so many have fallen into when trying to get control of their health and fitness.

Rookie Error

When it comes to getting in shape, especially when starting out (or starting over) we tend to focus too much on the wrong things.

Things like;

  • Should I be taking raspberry ketones or BCAA’s?
  • Shouldn’t I be doing intermittent fasting?
  • Should I do high reps or low reps in the gym?
  • Shouldn’t I be doing fasted cardio to lose fat?

Sure all these things can be important. But when we’re starting out we tend to focus too much on the minutiae.

And it’s mentally exhausting trying to juggle all the small details you feel you ‘should’ be doing.

As a result you end up not seeing results and ultimately quit. 

Focusing too much on the details leads to failure

Perhaps you didn’t see results instantly and felt disappointed with all the effort you put in.

Or worse, you feel like you failed.

The problem’s the same in both cases; focusing too much on the detail, when there’s more important things that need your attention.

Approach developing your fitness more like a pro

The pro’s (people who’ve successfully transformed their health, fitness and body) have absolutely gone through the ‘beginners stage’.

They’ve tried focusing on the detail.

After all, everyone’s a beginner at some point. And this stage is totally necessary to go through.

The difference is they approach it differently. Knowing it’s just a phase.

They understand that during this phase they don’t know what’s most important and what’s least important. Or how to prioritise their attention.

But they carry on anyway, determined to come out the other side.

And when they do come out the other side they have one major thing going for them. They now know what to focus on and what to ignore.

Know what’s important and what’s not

You only get this filter though experience.

(If – like most people – you can’t work on your health and fitness full-time then working with an experienced coach will help you fast track the process).

For example;

It’s not until you’ve tried a few things before you know what’s important and what’s not. But most people stop EVERYTHING in a kind of all or nothing approach.

For example you might start working out and decide you need to have protein shakes to support your training.

You read everything about the best type of protein powder, how to make the perfect shake and when you should be having it. 

And sure, at some point depending on your goals this might be really important.

But here’s something that’s 100% important to your success – right now;

Showing up to your workouts consistently each week.

Info overload (and lack of focus) is holding you back

So, to succeed at fitness, it’s so important to not just be efficient (good at getting stuff done). You need to be effective (doing the right stuff).

But there’s a huge challenge we all face when trying to be effective.

There’s so much info out there on how we should be eating, and how we should be exercising.

  • ‘cardio’ vs. intervals
  • weights vs. core training
  • low fat vs. low carb

This information overload causes us to lose focus on the fundamentals of health and wellbeing;

Eat well. Move often.

So, if you’re on your own health and fitness improvement journey (and you want to keep it simple) ask yourself this question;

  • How could I eat just a little better today than I did yesterday?

Or if you’re working on exercise;

  • How could I move a little more today than I did yesterday?

Usually the simplest steps – followed consistently – lead to the biggest results.

Want some help getting your health and fitness on track?

Request a free fitness and nutrition strategy session and we’ll dive into your specific goals and outline a clear step-by-step action plan to get you back on track. Call on 07766 808553 or Click Here to Request a complimentary fitness and nutrition consultation (worth £75) and let’s chat 🙂 

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