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Why most people struggle to get started with a fitness program (even when they REALLY want to be in better shape)

Getting in shape sounds so simple; we kinda know what to do (exercise more, eat better). And can even sound like an expert when telling someone else what they should do.

But when it comes to getting ourselves in better shape it’s not so straightforward.

Maybe you want to be in better shape, but feel overwhelmed with the idea of getting started.

Or perhaps you feel a little silly because you already know what to do, but struggle to do it consistently.

Anyways, in todays post I want to share why most people struggle to get started (or re-started) on a fitness program – even when they really want to be in better shape. And what to do differently if you want to succeed.

The internal battle

Out and about at over the weekend I got chatting with a lady – let’s call her Judy – who really wanted to get in better shape.

Judy loved wearing nice clothes, but over the years had got to the stage where none of her favourite clothes fit anymore.

She wasn’t happy with her weight. And worse, Judy had been ‘going to do something’ for the last few years. But still hadn’t.

When Judy told me her plans I could see right away why she was struggling to make it happen. And why – if she continued with this approach – she’d continue struggling for years to come.

Biggest problem; trying to change too much

Judy had geared up to totally change her life. She wanted to start exercising 5 times per week and really blitz her diet in an attempt to ‘shock her body’ and turn things around.

The problem is that the amount of motivation it takes to get started with this kind of approach means waiting for the perfect time to start. Which is why, after 3 years of deliberating, Judy was still struggling with her weight and no closer to achieving her goal.

She made the crucial mistake of relying on a plan that required the perfect time to start. The reality is that Judy’s an incredibly busy professional, working full time – and then some! So she was never going to have a couple of hours to spare 5 days per week for exercise.

Let alone the motivation to do it.

So, I suggested an alternative (and more effective approach).

Instead of setting up a program fit for an athlete in training for the olympics, I recommended starting with a plan that she could do right now. A plan that matched the time and level of motivation she had.

So for her exercising for 30 minutes 3 times per week was something she could 100% commit to.

More is not always better

When you’re training in the right way and exercising efficiently – especially with the help of a personal trainer – then 3x 30 minutes per week is more than enough to really start seeing some benefits (we’re currently experimenting with some techniques to get this down even more – watch this space!)

The best thing about the less is more approach?

For Judy it seemed totally achievable. All she’d need to do was follow the workout plan we’d given her. And she knew that, no matter what, she’d always be able to get these short training sessions in. Especially if she had at least one of those booked in each week with a personal trainer.

The ‘less is more’ approach meant she wasn’t failing right from the start. And she actually felt positive about getting started with her program for the first time in years!

Start Small. Built over time. But start now.

If you’re struggling with motivation to get started, or feel overwhelmed by the amount you need to do to get in shape then consider taking a different approach. One that’s more strategic, and 100% more likely to actually happen.

Stop thinking about what you should do and start focusing on what you can do. 

Pick something you can do right now and start with that. Once you’re up and running you can always build in more – but only as and when you need to.

By approaching better health and fitness strategically, starting small and building, you’ll be following in the footsteps of the hundreds of men and women in Leeds I’ve witnessed taking control of their health and fitness and totally transforming their body.

And you can absolutely do it too.

Want some help getting your health and fitness on track?

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