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If you’re struggling with your fitness start here

When it comes to getting in better shape we often know we want things to be different.

Heck, we even sometimes know what we need to do.

But for one reason or another we still don’t get started.

If you’re at the stage where you’re fed up of watching your health and fitness gradually slip away in today’s post I want to share with you the secret to getting started.

Mark wanted to keep up with his son

Mark wanted to be fitter.

Sure, he wanted to lose a few pounds and change his appearance. But more importantly he wanted to be able to keep up with his 8 year old son.

He’d tried exercising in the past by joining a gym. But it always seemed like an uphill battle and never lasted for longer than a couple of weeks.


It was important more now than ever though. He wanted to stay involved during his sons formative years.

To set a good example and to feel proud that he was being someone that his son could look up to.

And for Mark that meant being in better shape.

5 minutes a day

After a quick chat with Mark I recommend he give fitness another go. But to approach it differently this time.

Based on his schedule I suggested he started by simply putting on a pair of old trainers and going out on a 5 minute run.

That was it. No huge targets to hit. No major complex workouts to do.

He was sceptical. But still he’d paid good money for my advice. So he took it.

Gradual progress

He knew he was unlikely to achieve anything significant with this small level of activity. But he stuck with it all the same.

Over the weeks he built up to doing 10 minutes.

And eventually he was running 10k comfortably.

A year later Mark got to a level of fitness that he’d never imagined. He looked and felt great.

And the best bit? He didn’t feel like it was a constant struggle; battling with his own motivation.

Mark did it by being strategic (and starting small)

Mark didn’t start by running a 10k. Running for an hour wasn’t even on his radar.

He started by just putting on his trainers and getting out the door.

How does this apply to your health and fitness goals?

Now you might not be a fan of running. And perhaps you’re not bothered about keeping up with a rapidly growing 8 year old son.

But maybe you want to be stronger more mobile or perhaps to lose weight.

Same rules apply.

If you want to be stronger…

Start by putting 5 minutes aside each day. First thing in the morning is best.

During that 5 minutes do as many slow controlled press ups as you can. (5 seconds lowering 5 seconds pushing up).

Over the next few days try to build the number of slow controlled push ups you do.

If you want to be more flexible and have fewer aches and pains…

Put that 5 minutes aside for one stretch you’re going to do. Practice it every day.

If one day you feel like you’re ready to do more that’s great. But start with just one stretch.

Master the habit of one. Then build from there.

If you want to lose weight…

Start by writing down what you eat and drink. Keep a record. It’ll only take a minute or so after each meal.

You don’t need to change anything yet. Just pay attention keep a record and get the ball rolling.

Once you’ve got a week of info you can look at improving. But all you need to do now is write some stuff down.

Too simple to be effective?

Now you’re probably thinking this’ll never work. That a few push ups, one stretch or recording what you eat can’t magically transform your body.

And the truth is it probably won’t.

But it’ll transform something else.

Transform you mindset, transform your body

Your mindset, how you think about and approach things is the driver of your actions.

Once you’ve transformed your mindset to adopt the idea that all you need to do for now is do a few push ups you’ll likely change your actions (start doing a few push ups).

Once you change your actions, you’ll change your habits (regular progressive exercise).

Once you change your habits, you’ll totally change your appearance, health and overall fitness.

Mindset > Actions > Habits > Results

Don’t worry about what you need to do in the future to see results. We’ll deal with that later.

For now just get started by seeing how many slow controlled push ups you can do today 🙂

Need help getting started?

We’d love to develop a personalised plan of action to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Give us a call on 07766 808553 or Request a complimentary consultation (worth £75) and let’s get on the path to better health and fitness.

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